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Introduction & Purpose
Knowledge update and Industry update at Skyline University College (SUC) is an online platform for communicating knowledge with SUC stakeholders, industry, and the outside world about the current trends of business development, technology, and social changes. The platform helps in branding SUC as a leading institution of updated knowledge base and in encouraging faculties, students, and others to create and contribute under different streams of domain and application. The platform also acts as a catalyst for learning and sharing knowledge in various areas.

5 Benefits of Joining the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

There's an ancient adage that if you do what you love, you'll never have to work another day in your life. While there are other employment options, many aspiring professionals choose to work in the tourism and hospitality business.

Tourism vs Hospitality: All What You Need To Know

 "Hospitality" and "tourism" are frequently used interchangeably. While they are similar, they are not always the same. If you want to work in any of these businesses, you need understand the distinctions between hospitality and tourism.

Tourism and Hospitality: Explanation

You've certainly came across the term "hospitality and tourism" when exploring for post-secondary educational possibilities or starting a new job. While most individuals are aware of tourism, few are aware of the

Applications of Metaverse in Education – An Overview

Metaverse, which alludes to the next generation of the Internet, has become popular in our society's most contemporary contexts.

Internet Freelancing

Many academics have highlighted that the organizations of the twenty-first century differ from those of the previous centuries in a number of significant ways (Cascio, 2006).

Leadership during Post COVID-19: New Path to be created and treaded

Leadership is a much needed and cherished role that only a few fit into. Managers come in several shapes and sizes but leaders are curated with special traits, exceptional talent and noticeable charisma.

The Power of Social Media

Social Media means engaging people to create videos or thoughts or share them with others using virtual network. Social Media started with simple platforms such as GeoCities, launched in November 1994, and in 1995 and then in 1997 (Wikipedia, 2022)

The Future of SMART Cities

No doubt that the world is undergoing many fundamental changes in all aspects of economic, political, social, and technological life.

Do effective decisions require us to be emotional?

There is a strong belief that even with the logical decisions we make, there are a lot of emotions feeding that logic. Professionals try to assure that people can put aside their feelings while they are making a particular decision, but in reality, that is almost impossible.

Looking at Trends during COVID-19 in HR and Hospitality Industry

Knowing what the future holds for us is nothing but an estimation of the present. We are aware that since the last eighteen months, the world is undergoing dynamic changes and rapid evolution.