Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)

Any disease is generally caused to humans because of biological disorders. These diseases may be an infection from external factors due to deficiency in chemical components, physiological changes or heredity. The objective is to find the right drug for curable and chronic diseases. The drug is a combination of various chemical compounds that sui...
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Integrating Technological Advancements with Medical Tourism

Following the affordability of traveling by air, more patients are now able to roam around the world whenever their hearts desire (Dreisbach, Vij, & Dreisbach, 2020). However, it is not only through innovations of air transportation that medically-challenged individuals rely on when traveling.  Keeping Medical Records th...
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The Role of PERK in Enhancing Happiness at Workplace

Happiness in the workplace is a buzz word nowadays. Forums, discussions, workshops, and seminars are organized to guide us to the path of happiness. But is it really happening? This is a key question.   ...
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The role of Discourses in the English as an Additional Language Classroom

Educational institutions are powerful generators of dominant ideologies and as such produce practices that both exclude and include. One of the ways that class and social privilege is reproduced is explained by Bourdieu’s (1984...
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Diversity and Inclusion in the New Millennium

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