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Mr. Kamal Puri
Founder and Board Member
Skyline University College, UAE - Ex-Officio

As a Founder of SUC, Mr. Kamal Puri has a unique role of a promoter and contributor. The experiences and guidance provided by him is solicited for brand building and developing national and international contacts to further the cause of SUC and take it to greater heights.

He has received the “Hind Rattan Award” in India for his outstanding services, achievements and contributions during 25th International Congress of NRI’s Awards held in the year 2006.

He has also received several awards in the UAE, which are as follows:
  1. Achiever Award 2005-NRI of the Year Award
  2. UAE Achiever in UAE published through Pacesetters, Asia’s in 2010
  3. Most Promising Leader by World Consulting & Research Corporation in 2012
  4. Educational Institute CEO of The Year 2014 by The Indian CEO Awards in UAE
  5. Top Indian Leader in the Arab World - Education Sector 2014 by Forbes Middle East
  6. Top Indian Leader in the Arab World - Education Sector 2015 by Forbes Middle East
  7. Education Innovation Award, Entrepreneur Middle East’s Indian Innovator Awards 2016
  8. Gulf Indian Excellence Awards 2016 by NDTV
  9. One of the Tycoons of Arabia in Outlook Business Magazine in 2017
  10. Republic TV Gulf Indian Business Leadership Summit and Awards in 2018
  11. FORBES - Top Indian Leaders Award in 2019
  12. Recognized as one of the Top Indian Leaders in the Middle East for 2021 by FORBES Middle East in October 2021


Thirty years ago, we were presented with an opportunity to make a difference. We seized this opportunity and took a big leap. In that defining moment, we have fiercely accepted the responsibility to serve society by providing quality education. We began to realize that our societal role and contributions are twice as hard, but ten times more rewarding and meaningful especially when we know that we’re working for a good cause and the betterment of this world. That was the time we first built the eminent foundation of Skyline University College under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and the Ruler of Sharjah, whose guidance, support, and direction helped Skyline achieve all its goals.

Over the years, from its modest beginning Skyline University College has evolved — from an institute conducting certification programs to an established university college which has given the world over 12,000 graduates. The learning experience through the course of this journey has been very fulfilling. Today, SUC is a prestigious name having a School of Business, which conducts business management programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels with several innovative and sought-after specializations including Strategic Management and Leadership, and E-Governance at the MBA level, as well as Marketing and Retail Management, and Travel and Tourism Management at the undergraduate level, among others. The School of IT, which was launched several years ago, offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Enterprise Computing (BSIT-EC).
We are also fortunate to be part of the Sharjah University City, which is the cultural and educational vision of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi. It is with the inspiration and blessings of His Highness that SUC has grown to such prominence and wishes to further expand into a full-fledged university. In the current strategic plan, the School of Engineering has been envisioned and efforts have been made to pursue this direction.

At Skyline, we are driven by our core mission to strengthen higher education in the region with our vision to create more programs, open new schools, and upgrade our teaching strategies and facilities to address the present needs of the market and to prepare for the unforeseeable future. We are working relentlessly to expand internationally, and at the same time, building connections and professional linkages with various universities and networks across the globe to bolster the ground of our foundation.

In the recent past, the emphasis on community outreach programs toward water conservation and tree planting had seen outstanding efforts by our students, staff, and faculty members. We are committed to give back to the community with all the resources at our command, so we’ll continue to support environmental campaigns and initiate outreach activities.

Kamal Puri
Founder of Skyline University College