The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) is formed in order to achieve smooth functioning of the institution. This council is responsible for managing the various academic and academic support operations of the University. AAC is a committee of operational heads of SUC and comprises of Dean who is Chair of AAC, Head of Quality Assurance who is Vice Chair of AAC, Head of Academics, Head of Academic Support Services & Registrar and Head of Student Affairs who are responsible for implementation of strategies on a yearly basis and also responsible for day to day operations of the University.


Members of AAC

Dr. Amitabh Upadhya Professor, Dean & Chair of AAC
Dr. Osama Thawabeh Associate Professor, Head of Student Affairs
Dr. Sudhakar Kota Professor, HQA & Vice chair of AAC
Dr. Mohammad In'airat Associate Professor, Head of Academics
Dr. Deepak Karla Associate Professor, Head-Academics - IT
Ms. Sunita Marwaha Registrar & Head - Academic Support Services
Mr. Firas Al Tabbaa Dy. Director-Public Relations
Mr. Rakesh Gaur Head of Marketing and Creative Communication & Deputy Director





Dean is the Chair of AAC and is responsible for all pursuing the vision and mission of SUC and provide leadership to Academic Advisory Council members, faculty members, staff, and students. Dean is responsible for operations of SUC to fulfill overall academic & academic support services and to provide conducive learning environment. The Dean shall also oversee and co-ordinate the academic affairs of the SUC, so that stipulated academic and academic support services standards are maintained & monitored as per the institutional goals, policies and procedures.  The Dean shall coordinate overall operations of all the departments, ensuring integrity within the guidelines of SUC. Dean is also responsible for accreditation at the national and international levels.


  1. To ensure the achievement of the Vision & Mission of SUC
  2. To oversee the effectiveness of operations in different academic support services departments and committees
  3. To ensure the effective implementation of IE Tools by all committees
  4. To ensure the effective implementation of Feedback System
  5. To exercise control and review progress over university activities
  6. To oversee student enrollment, progression and satisfaction
  7. To evaluate AAC, faculty & staff performance
  8. To update EC on the institutional performance
  9. To liaison with and provide information to regulatory agencies and all stakeholders

It gives me immense satisfaction to be addressing you through this website. Guided by the Vision of SUC we are committed to provide knowledge, skills and value based education as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the UAE. We wish that every Skyline University College (SUC) graduate excels in all walks of life and earns accolade both as a good human being and as a successful professional. SUC strives to groom its graduates to take the world head-on as efficient & effective business managers. We take upon ourselves the responsibility of nurturing aspirants to become professionals with compassion for the community in all their endeavors.

We at SUC maintain pace with the changing times and offer world class curriculum across all our programs. An active industry academia relationship is maintained to improve the curriculum and it is these interactions that keep the curriculum dynamic. Keeping close cooperation with business & industry has always been part of SUC academic philosophy. SUC being a home grown institution understands the demands in the field of higher education well, within the UAE and the region as well as at the International level, and has assimilated in its courses the necessary ingredients for optimum outcome. Besides curricular learning SUC offers ample opportunities to its students in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. SUC has been involved in extensive Social and Community services and takes upon itself the responsibility to identify and design programs that will help the community gain valuable benefits.

Members of SUC faculty are all experts having long experience of teaching and scholarly achievements in their areas of specialization. They have been drawn from a diversity of background bringing proven teaching methodology in the class room thereby delivering effectively and inculcating lifelong learning habits. The students have responded well which is reflected in their professional lives once they join the work force. The SUC faculty, students and alumni have done us proud on numerous occasions. 

SUC is located in the prestigious University City of Sharjah in a sprawling campus of forty acres. The campus is fully equipped with state of the art facilities for learning and extracurricular activities. The calendar of interesting activities keeps the campus abuzz throughout the academic year. One can enjoy learning in a relaxed environment to cherish the memories of student days all through ones lives.

Your decision to choose any of the SUC programs will chart the course of your professional life. We will be happy to welcome you and guide you through the program to ensure that you realize your dream and contribute meaningfully to society.

Professor (Dr.) Amitabh Upadhya





Head of Quality Assurance is the Vice Chair of AAC and oversees the functions of Institutional Research & Quality Assurance Office which is a vital unit to improve and maintain the institutional effectiveness by introducing best practices that help the institution to achieve desired quality standards in academics and academic support services. This unit also completes the preparation of documents for accreditation, application for new programs, ranking, listing, articulation, etc. and assists departments and committees in preparing the policy and procedure. It undertakes the responsibility of designing, electing and evaluating the Feedback system of the institution and provides inputs to the decision makers. It is also aimed at determining the best practices that help in enhancing quality in academics and academic support services and internal benchmark. Head of Quality Assurance reports to the Dean on day to day operations of the Institutional Research and Quality assurance department.


  1. To review quality standards for fulfilling the SUC Vision and Mission
  2. To develop and review strategic plan
  3. Assist departments and committees in planning and closing
  4. Evaluate Institutional Effectiveness& Feedback
  5. Evaluate academic performance
  6. Provide information to external agencies
  7. Facilitate employee performance evaluation system
  8. Provide orientation to faculty & staff


HASS & Registrar


Head of Academic Support Services and Registrar of SUC is responsible to lead and manage the overall academic support functions of SUC in coordination with Dean, HQA, Chair of Academic Planning & Operations Committee and Head of Student Affairs. HASS & Registrar ensures academic services are provided to the students in the best possible manner, Academic Support Operations are coordinated well and continuous professional and managerial development of academic support staff.


  1. To ensure that quality education is provided to a diverse student body by ensuring all the operational goals are achieved by Admin and HR and  ensure Academic support is provided to Academics.
  2. To ensure employee diversity for the maintenance of quality of operations and academic delivery.
  3. To ensure employee development.
  4. To ensure employee retention and satisfaction.
  5. To act as bridge between Dean, HOA and Administration.




Head of Student Affairs at SUC oversees various services offered to students at SUC and supervise the conduct of student advising, counseling and student related activities thus supporting the academic and academic support services to achieve the Vision and mission of the institution. Head of Student Affairs is responsible for managing student advising and mentoring for smooth progression of students and receives student's complaints and takes necessary actions to address the student's grievances. Head of Student Affairs ensures the adherence of policy and procedures by all the staff and faculty in relation to Student Affairs including Student Advisory to achieve overall student satisfaction. Head of Student Affairs monitors students discipline in the campus and hostel facility and also ensures the safety and security of both facilities.



  1. To lead the department for effective and efficient services to stakeholders
  2. To manage the student advising/ mentoring and progression towards graduation
  3. To monitor student academic progression and counsel them
  4. To orient new and continuing students both at the under graduate and Post graduate level
  5. To assist overall management of sports & hostel activities
  6. To maintain discipline, safety and security within the campus
  7. To review students list for scholarship
  8. To address issues of CRs, hostel and international students




Head of Marketing & Creative Communication at SUC oversees functions of Marketing & Creative Communication Department, Media & Communication Department and Corporate Affairs & Events Office. Head of Marketing & Creative Communication Department is responsible in creating awareness and opportunities available at SUC that helps the students to develop their knowledge, skills and values and their overall personality.

Head of Marketing & Creative Communication Department is responsible to build a strong brand image and promote core values of SUC to stakeholders and participate in developing strategies.

Head of Marketing & Creative Communication Department is also responsible for supervising the Corporate Affairs Offices.



  1. To plan and guide the media and communication activities for SEO and SMO, website, portal and FAQs.
  2. To plan, develop and implement marketing strategies locally & internationally.
  3. To create brand awareness of SUC among the corporates and schools
  4. To facilitate placement & networking opportunities and strengthen alumni relations
  5. To supervise the activities of MoUs and Articulation agreement




Head of Public & Government Relations at SUC oversees functions of Marketing & Public relation activities. Head of Public Relations is responsible in creating awareness and opportunities available at SUC that helps the students to develop their knowledge, skills and values and their overall personality.  

 Head of Public Relations is responsible to build a strong brand image and promote core values of SUC to public sector stakeholders and participate in developing strategies.


  1. To facilitate SUC in brand building in the Government sector
  2. To facilitate signing of MoUs and Articulation agreements
  3. To plan, develop and implement marketing strategies locally & internationally in Arab market.
  4. To create brand awareness of SUC among public schools
  5. To facilitate networking opportunities and strengthen alumni relations





Head of Academics (HOA) is responsible for planning and executing the academic activities of the institution in collaboration with the Dean. He is also involved in providing guidelines to faculty and oversee their performance meets the academic standards of the institution. HOA also coordinates with the academic support services to ensure smooth operations that provides conducive learning environment.

HOA is responsible for preparing the academic plan for Programs to achieve the vision and mission of SUC. This exercise is carried out as per the strategic directions and the gaps identified after analyzing previous academic operations. Based on the academic planning, yearly, semester and quarter operation plans for academics, learning resources and human resources are prepared which are further disseminated to respective departments for implementation. HOA also coordinates with IR and QA office in maintaining academic standards as per MOE and coordinate in the accreditation process and development of new academic programs. HOA explores the possibilities of developing SUC academic standards in line with the national / international academic standards.



  1. To plan Academic operations
  2. To assist in academic aspects of accreditations and ranking
  3. To enrich University learning resources




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