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Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

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Skyline University College

i. Vision

SUC envisions itself to be a globally renowned university that nurtures Creativity and Innovation with emphasis on diversity and cultural integration towards building a knowledge based society.

ii. Mission

The Mission of Skyline University College (SUC) is to impart knowledge, develop professional skills in the field of Business, Science & Technology and inculcate values among students of diverse cultural backgrounds to serve the society. SUC provides opportunities for its students to achieve their academic and professional goals and facilitates the development of their overall personality in order for students to become effective and socially responsible professionals in a dynamic global environment. In pursuing this mission, SUC focuses on innovative and creative approaches in all areas of education, research, consultancy, community services and development of its employees to facilitate the learning environment for its stakeholders. SUC recognizes risk management in all aspects of its operations and ensures health and safety of its stakeholders.
Skyline vision
iii. Goals & Objectives

a. Institutional Goal

To continue to serve with dedication in the field of higher education to meet the changing needs of society and develop responsible individuals without discrimination following ethical practices.

Institutional Objectives

  1. To serve with dedication in the field of higher education, and prepare students to contribute to the betterment of society.
  2. To offer quality education to a culturally diverse student body, globally, irrespective of race, color, gender, religion, physical disabilities and age
  3. To expand its higher education programs as per the needs of the dynamic global environment.
  4. To develop and maintain significant networks between SUC, alumni and industry.
  5. To continue to maintain a meaningful relationship with the community through socially responsible activities.
  6. To continue to pursue ethical conduct and a high order of integrity in all spheres of institutional functions.
  7. To continually assess the institutional risk and provide a safe and secured environment to the stakeholders.

b. Students Goal

To equip students with knowledge, skills and competencies which build lifelong careers and creativity that contribute to the betterment of business and society.

Student Objectives
  1. To orient students with knowledge through undergraduate and postgraduate programs thereby preparing them for suitable career opportunities globally.
  2. To equip students with creative and entrepreneurial skills suitable for lifelong career building.
  3. To integrate general education at the undergraduate level programs.
  4. To enhance higher order skills in problem solving, leadership, analysis and decision making among students.
  5. To develop the complete personality of the student through quality education and extra-curricular activities that will enable them to serve society optimally.

c. Employee Goal

To engage competent employees from diverse cultural background and ensure their welfare and facilitate development.


Employees Objectives
  1. To provide facilities that enhance long-term SUC employee welfare, satisfaction and growth
  2. To facilitate a conducive research and consultancy environment for faculty to pursue scholarly activities
  3. To conduct various faculty and staff development programs in order to prepare them to meet challenges posed by the dynamic global environment.
school of business vision

School of Business

i. Vision

To be an innovative and leading provider of quality business management education to serve the society. 


ii. Mission

To impart knowledge, develop skills and inculcate values to develop responsible managers and leaders in the field of business management. 


iii. Goals

  1. To review and update academic programs as per the emerging national, regional and global trends.
  2. To provide knowledge, skills and competencies among students for managing various aspects of businesses.
  3. To ensure continuous improvement in the areas of teaching, research, and community services.
  4. To strengthen stakeholders' involvement in achieving the mission of the school.
  5. To develop ethically responsible business managers and leaders.

School of Computing

i. Vision

To be an internationally recognized school that nurtures academic excellence, innovation, research and emerging ICT skills.


ii. Mission

To serve industry and society by offering futuristic academic programs in the fields of Computing Sciences and Information Technology that are carefully planned, executed, and continuously improved for stimulating excellence, creativity, innovation and leadership in related areas of research and education for faculty as well as students, and to prepare graduates who will be successful professionals, be engaged in lifelong learning, and who will be committed to serve their community.


iii. Goals and Objectives



To continue to serve with dedication in the fields of Computing Sciences and Information Technology education to meet the changing needs of society and to develop responsible professionals, who are engaged in lifelong learning and community service.

school of computing vision


  1. To develop and offer academic programs in Information Technology and Computing Sciences that adhere to national and international standards in line with emerging industries and global trends.
  2. To use continuous improvement procedures in academic programs, research, learning resources and learning environment, and community service.
  3. To develop graduates who are professionally ready to compete in local and global job markets, and who are capable of continuing their education and research activities.
  4. Encourage students to use their effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community and the region.
  5. To strengthen stakeholder’s involvement and extend the collaboration with top worldwide educational and research institutions as well as industry leaders and government agencies to arrive at an eco-system that fosters innovation and research, academic excellence, and industrial expertise for both students and faculty.