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Introduction & Purpose
Knowledge update and Industry update at Skyline University College (SUC) is an online platform for communicating knowledge with SUC stakeholders, industry, and the outside world about the current trends of business development, technology, and social changes. The platform helps in branding SUC as a leading institution of updated knowledge base and in encouraging faculties, students, and others to create and contribute under different streams of domain and application. The platform also acts as a catalyst for learning and sharing knowledge in various areas.

Let us maintain a balance between the lecture method and the active learning method

Teaching and learning methods have always been under scrutiny and change due to various reasons. Educationists, scientists, and psychologists are continuously busy finding methods that suit all stakeholders.

Future of Higher Education in the Digital World

Higher education system is playing vital role in knowledge economy and its growth is significant factor for each and every country’s development and also for the sustainable progress of the society. 

Preparing For College Mathematics

The key to succeeding in your math classes after you start attending college is to prepare for college mathematics. You can prepare by following the advice and steps listed below:

Developing Social Quotient by adding Diversity among Faculty and Students

John F. Kennedy rightly said, “if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity”, pointing towards the immense value of harnessing diversity in the society.

The Evolution of Accounting Professionals in the Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed various industries, and the world of accounting is no exception. With AI-powered technologies and automation becoming more prevalent, the role of accounting professionals

Evolution of Wireless Communication to 6G: Potential Applications and Research Directions

The first generation(1G) mobile wireless communication network was discovered in the 1980s. It depends on analog signals used for voice calls only. In 1990, the 1G was replaced by the second generation (2G) which uses digital signals network.

Improving Customer Shopping Experience in the Digital Age

Over the past several years, the digital revolution has enabled customers to obtain greater shopping experience. A pleasant shopping experience for customers is essential to the prosperity of retail enterprises (Mainardes, Coutinho, & Alves, 2023).

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Public Policies

In the rapidly evolving landscape of public policy, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense potential.

The relationship between tolerance for workplace incivility and jobs search behavior in light of cynicism

According to Andersson and Pearson (1999, p. 457), workplace incivility is "low-intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm the target, in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect."

English Central Software: AI Tool for Teaching and Learning English

Teaching English language for non-native speakers at university level requires special attention to students’ abilities and learning process.

This is where AI technology should be involved. One of the teaching tools being used in Skyline University College nowadays is English Central Software.