The Professional Skill Development Program (PSDP) at Skyline University College is the outcome of the vision of the founder president of the Skyline University Mr. Kamal Puri. This initiative enables students to develop their professional skills and abilities to become active job seekers as well as life-long learners. 

​The spread of activities have been divided into four levels as per the level of the students in the program. The PSDP Program is a zero credit bearing program with no additional fee implication on the students. It is mandatory that students attend a minimum of four sessions per year out of the announced sessions, which would total to four hours. Additionally the student would be expected to complete tasks assigned during sessions (for e.g. CV design etc.). Attendance and task completion shall be strictly recorded for reference purposes. 

Students need to complete the PSDP program requirement for the Freshman and Sophomore levels before proceeding to Junior and Senior levels before graduating.


  • What is PSDP?

    The short form of "Professional Skills Development Program" is PSDP.
  • What is the concept of PSDP?

    PSDP is a "mandatory 0 Credit bearing course". PSDP enables you to develop your personality by grooming yourself and learning team building and leadership skills. Skills and abilities also get enhanced through PSDP as you learn various aspects of becoming an able and skilled individual, professional and later employee. From CV building, through attending interviews until managing your subordinates, PSDP supports you in your phased development and enhancement. So it is for you to take a step forward and develop yourself!
  • Who conducts the PSDP workshops?

    The PSDP workshops are conducted by: SUC Faculty Members and external experts.
  • Is it mandatory for me to complete PSDP before moving from one level to another?

    Yes, it is mandatory for you to complete PSDP to move from one level to another. You have to attend the Freshman PSDP sessions to move to Sophomore level. In the same manner you have to attend different sessions at different levels to complete sessions at all levels.
  • Do we get marks after attending the PSDP workshops?

    PSDP is a "mandatory 0 Credit bearing course" hence doesn't add to your attendance.
  • Which skills will be enhanced after attending the PSDP sessions?

    PSDP will help you to develop your skills namely: Effective Communication, Personality Development, your social media profile, decision making, CV making, interview tips and team building.
  • Whom should I contact to know more about PSDP?

    You can contact Dr Kakul Agha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reach her at : 065441155

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