Purpose of the Club

The purpose of the Debate Club is to provide opportunities for students to build communication skills through practice and participation in intramural and interscholastic speech and debate competitions; develop and pursue excellence in public speaking and oration in Collegiate level. It aims to give club members practice in public speaking and to debate on various topics.

Benefits of Joining the Club

  • Builds self-confidence
  • Enhances public speaking skills and debate techniques
  • Develops decisive awareness and personality

Events Brief

  • Election of Club President, Secretary, club body
  • List out various competitions in and around Sharjah to participate in
  • They will create poster, banners, pamphlets for Cross-fire
  • Work along with Media, Press club to contact universities to participate in Cross-fire
  • Contact news and media agencies to cover the event
  • Invite the various university providing them registration forms, rules and regulations, deadline for registration
  • Create pre and post event press-release and send it all media and press along with photographs
  • Photographer from the Arts Club to be contacted for photography purposes


Purpose of the Club

The basic aim of this club is to enable students to give something back to the society in general. It will also help them to face reality and get a better understanding of the world around them thus helping in providing an overall education which does not limit itself just to classrooms.
Since most of the events get media exposure it will also be a way to promote Skyline College's efforts and interest in helping the unfortunate.

Benefits of Joining the Club

  • An added benefit of learning something new outside university books
  • A chance to feel the realities of the world
  • An opportunity to feel responsible about someone else other than yourself
  • An eye opening and life long experience

Events Brief

  • Election of Club President, Secretary
  • List out charity associations in UAE
  • List out old age homes, orphanages
  • October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month (guest lecture on the topic + a related event)
  • Run a charity drive during the Carnival
  • Contact and finalise on a organization for whom the charity drive will be conducted and the collected fund would go
  • Get T-shirts painted/printed to wear during the charity drive
  • Visit one old age home
  • Visit one orphanage
  • December- Aids Awareness Month (related event)
  • February 4th- World Cancer Day
  • March 8th International Women's Day


Purpose of the Club

The aim of the Dance Club is to provide an open and supportive environment for further enhancement of various dance forms, student choreography, and student performance. In addition, talent hunt would be conducted to discover new dancers.
It is an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to choreograph and perform dance pieces for their peers, faculty, and family. People of all backgrounds, cultures, majors, and genders are encouraged to participate.

Benefits of Joining the Club

  • Participation in University College's events and competitions as a dancer
  • Being in the spotlight!
  • Gaining additional skills and talents from other members by sharing

Events Brief

  • Elections of Club President & Secretary
  • Prepare for Introbash
  • Prepare for Carnival
  • Prepare for other external competitions
  • Preparation for the Annual Show down- Appreciation Day


Purpose of the Club

The aim of the Drama Club is to provide an opportunity for the students interested in theater to participate in all aspects of drama and enable them to stage dramas on their own. Students will be involved in all phases of play production such as performance, direction, design, technical support, backstage crafts, publicity, etc.

Benefits of Joining the Club

  • Participate in the University College plays
  • Develop and share your talent and skills in play production
  • Build strong social ties with fellow club members
  • Have fun!

Events Brief

  • Election of Club President, Secretary, club body
  • Find out various intercollegiate drama competitions being organized around UAE
  • Chose which ones to participate in
  • In preparation for the Drama competition for the Carnival, select a play
  • Get ready the script, decide characters for each role, decide costumes, accessories, backdrop etc
  • Send in requisition for the backdrop material along with budget details to the Events co-ordinator's office
  • Work along with Community Service club to for a street play or short skit for the charity drive to be organized during the Carnival
  • Form two different groups for drama competition and for street play
  • Start preparation for final show-down on Appreciation day.


Purpose of the Center

The formation of Skyline Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (SEIC) is the result of the vision of the founder president of the Skyline University Mr. Kamal Puri. The SEIC at Skyline University College is an initiative to encourage students to explore their entrepreneurial skills and prepare business plans for which they wish to pursue as a career. Center will also contribute toward entrepreneurial education and facilitate students for starting their own businesses in UAE and the region. The Center supports a culture of entrepreneurship throughout the University and the region. It helps students to build entrepreneurial networks to promote their new businesses.


  • To promote an entrepreneurial culture among student and the community.
  • To develop skills in generating innovative business ideas.
  • To develop skills of researching and analyzing the business environment and opportunities.
  • To develop skills in formulating business plans.
  • To establish long-term relationships with banks, venture capitalists, Chamber of Commerce, Government Agencies and other entrepreneurial development organization>s.


The Center is dedicated to achieving its objectives by engaging members in various entrepreneurial activities during an academic year. Although the following activities can be planned and organized under the umbrella of this center, this list is not exhaustive as the center can plan any activities that promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Arranging and participating in brainstorming sessions for innovative business idea.
  • Arrange and participate in industry interaction on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Arrange and participate in business events.
  • Arrange and participate in business plan competitions.
  • Support in achieving the objectives of SEIC.


The center is open to SUC students who are interested in being entrepreneurs. Students can participate in the activities of the center by completing the application form.​


  • Mentoring from industry experts
  • Attending Networking events
  • Accessing IT-facilities & Meeting Rooms
  • Using Business Plan Software and Entrepreneurship Simulation games


Month Event
October 2018 Industry Speaker to address students
November 2018 SUC Business Proposal Competition  
March 2019 3rd Interuniversity Business Plan and New Idea Competition
June/July 2019​ Industry Speaker to address students ​

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