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Introduction & Purpose
Knowledge update and Industry update at Skyline University College (SUC) is an online platform for communicating knowledge with SUC stakeholders, industry, and the outside world about the current trends of business development, technology, and social changes. The platform helps in branding SUC as a leading institution of updated knowledge base and in encouraging faculties, students, and others to create and contribute under different streams of domain and application. The platform also acts as a catalyst for learning and sharing knowledge in various areas.

Nurturing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills among Undergraduate Students: Strategies for Effective Teaching

Critical thinking is one of the main objectives of every educational system. By definition, critical thinking is any kind of directed thought that works with higher-order learning, or analytical learning, that assesses, corrects, replaces, and reconstructs things.

Prose Fiction Texts: Points to Consider

A prose fiction text is a made-up narrative which comprises the elements of plot, theme, setting, point of view, tone, and characters (Wood, 2018; Al-Alami, 2021). An art of creative expression, a prose fiction text seeks to impress the reader via means of language style amongst other devices. This article aims to highlight several points which pertain to language style in prose fiction texts.

The Human Cost of AI Expansion: Navigating the Terrain of Technological Discontent

In the realm of intelligence (AI) the integration of advanced technologies, into our daily lives has brought about a revolutionary change. However, along with the expanding capabilities of AI there is a growing sense of frustration among humans as we grapple with the faceted implications of this digital dominance. This complex interplay between progress and human adaptability has given rise to a set of challenges and concerns. The widespread adoption of AI technologies undeniably offers efficiency and advancement ranging from automating tasks to driving innovation in fields like healthcare and finance.

Exploring the Latest Advances in Virtual Reality Operating Systems

In the recent years, there have been incredible advancements, in virtual reality (VR) technology. These advancements have made immersive experiences more accessible and captivating than before. The operating systems that power virtual reality environments play a role in the development of VR technology. In this discussion, we will delve into the breakthroughs and advancements, in virtual reality operating systems uncovering their features, capabilities and potential impact on the future of VR technology.

Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery: Revolutionizing Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has emerged as a promising method for treating various medical conditions, particularly cancer. This therapy utilizes photosensitizing agents, light, and oxygen to elicit cell death, primarily in cancerous cells. However, one of the critical challenges in PDT is the targeted and efficient delivery of photosensitizers to the tumor cells. This is where nanotechnology, specifically drug delivery systems, plays a transformative role [1].

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Islamic Societies

Imagine a world in which a singular invention has not only transformed communication but also became the backbone of our global society? The Internet, which was first introduced in the early 20th century as a way to blog and store information, has since become a global platform for social interactions, connecting people from all over the world.

AI-powered software engineering tools

Software engineering is the process of developing software which follows the software development life cycle phases of planning, analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and maintenance of software applications.

The Role and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) in Human Resources Departments

In most of today's business world, the role of data in strategy, planning, and operations has become less of a premium and more of a competitive necessity. Sophisticated analytics already drive the important decisions we make in sales, customer success, marketing, and finance.

Brain Stroke Classification based Meta-heuristic algorithms

Among Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), stroke is the second most prevalent. According to the World Health Organization, 6.7 million individuals suffered strokes in 2017, accounting for 31% of all disease related fatalities globally [1].

Global Climate Crisis: The Urgency is Great

Global weather and climate extremes are being impacted by climate change caused by humans, resulting in extensive harm to both land and people.