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The SUC Library caters to the entire SUC community, comprising students, faculty, and staff, to support their academic endeavors and research pursuits in reaching their educational objectives. With a focus on enriching the learning environment, the Library procures and grants access to an extensive array of educational resources, supporting the teaching and research initiatives at SUC. Our foremost aim is to ensure the timely delivery of accurate information to the appropriate users.


Furthermore, the SUC Library is committed to fostering the personal development of students and contributing to the growth and sustainability of the community by providing unrestricted access to a wealth of ideas, information, educational and scientific research materials, cultural insights, and learning opportunities.


  1. To plan, develop, procure and maintain adequate library resources for smooth operation as per SUC’s strategic plan.
  2. To provide a conductive learning environment for academic needs along with regular updating of learning resources.
  3. To orient the students, faculty and staff with regards to the usage of library resources.
  4. To disseminate required, relevant and updated information to enhance the Research Support to Faculty, Student & Staff.
  5. To create the reading awareness, involve the Students & Faculty members in the library activities and events.

General Information

The library collection encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including General Education, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Tourism, Social Sciences, General Science, Information Technology, Fiction, and more. Here's a brief overview of our collections:


Learning Resources


Reference Books


Titles of Reference Books


Core Textbooks


Core Text Titles






Fiction/Leisure Reading


UAE Special Collection




Ejournals & Magazines


Subscribed Electronic Databases

6 (ProQuest, EBSCO, IGI, IEEE, EBook Central, Scopus)

Services and Facilities

The library proudly houses an expansive array of books spanning diverse subjects such as Business, Management, Information Technology, Science, Social Science, Travel and Tourism, and more. These resources cater to the needs of both undergraduate programs like BBA, BSIT, and BSCS, as well as graduate-level studies including MBA. Furthermore, the library offers specialized sections dedicated to specific collections such as UAE Special Collections, Arabic Titles, New Arrivals, General Reads, and Fiction.


The library provides the following facilities to the users:

  • Reference Section
  • Rental Section
  • Periodical Section
  • New Arrivals Section
  • Discussion Room
  • Conference Room
  • Silent Zone
  • Learning Zone
  • Research Zone
  • E-library 
  • Alexa Corner
  • VR Glass

The library is providing the following facilities to the users:

  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Internet
  • E-Resources
  • Information Services
  • Research Support Information Service (RSIS)
  • Reference/Referral Service
  • News clipping Service
  • Current Awareness Service (CAS)
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  • Query Based Service (QBS)
  • Table of Content
  • New Arrivals Information Service
  • Book Review of the Month
  • Internship


The Library operates with full facilities and services during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 2:30 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Please note that the Library will be closed on Sundays and public holidays.

General Rules

A. General Rules:
  • Maintain silence in the Library at all times.
  • Prohibit spitting, smoking, and any other offensive or objectionable behavior.
  • Keep cell phones on silent mode while inside the Library.
  • Refrain from using audio devices except for earphones.
  • Avoid engaging in noisy activities.
  • Do not interrupt or disturb other members in the Library.
  • Show student ID cards at the entrance and upon request.
  • Student ID cards/borrower cards are non-transferable. Borrow books only with your own Student ID card.
  • Obtain a 'No Dues Certificate' upon returning all borrowed materials upon completion of the course.
  • Pay overdue charges if books are not returned by the due date.
  • Replace lost books or pay the latest market price. If the title is out of print, charges will be as per Library norms.
  • Do not bring eatables into the Library.
  • Violations of Library rules may result in hefty fines or being barred from the Library.
  • Prohibit playing games, and downloading software, music, or video files in the electronic library area.
  • Use library computers only for legitimate academic purposes, including but not limited to information searches, research, class assignments, and knowledge acquisition.

The book borrowing policies are divided into four primary categories:

  • Undergraduate Program (School of Business & School of Computing)
  • Graduate Program (School of Business)
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Others, including CPD students, Alumni, and external members

Please be aware that borrowers are accountable for both collecting and returning core textbooks to the library, and utilization fees are non-refundable.



The Library charges a fine of AED 1 per day for overdue books from the students.


Documents and other items that have been issued can be renewed, as long as there is no demand for the material by other members. A maximum of two renewals are permitted for any issued material.
Instances of penalties for damaged or lost items will be referred to the Head Librarian for appropriate action, and penalties will be imposed in accordance with SUC policies.


Membership Fees:


Library fees for SUC students are usually incorporated into the annual fees as per the institution's policies. Borrowing privileges will be activated for a member upon payment of the required security deposit. This deposit will be refunded upon withdrawal of membership, graduation, or cancellation of admission, deducting any outstanding library dues.


External members are required to pay the applicable annual membership fee along with a security deposit of AED 500, which must be renewed annually.


Alumni members of SUC can access library e-resources through the portal free of charge.


Membership Forms:


Alumni and Outside Membership forms are accessible on the portal, and print copies are also available in the library for those who prefer a hard copy.


Will there be orientation about SUC library for the users?

An orientation will be given to all the Freshmen students of School of Computing & School of Business at the beginning of the semester. The Administration department will advise the date and time for the orientation.