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The SUC Library caters to all the Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni of SUC to pursue higher studies and research. The Library provides conducive learning environment in teaching and research programs of SUC by acquiring and making available all learning resources. The sole objective is to serve the right information to the right user at the right time.

SUC Library is fully automated with online search facility and self-service kiosk for issue and return of books. Library strives to enhance the personal growth of stakeholder of SUC and contribute to the development and sustainability through free access to ideas, information, educational and scientific research, cultural experiences and educational opportunities.



  1. To plan, develop, procure and maintain adequate online and offline library resources for smooth operation as per SUC’s strategic plan
  2. To provide a learning environment conducive to academic needs along with regular updating of learning resources 
  3. To orient the students, faculty and staff with regards to the usage of library resources 
  4. To disseminate required, relevant and updated information to enhance the Research Support to Faculty, Student & Staff
  5. To create the reading awareness; involve the Students in the library activities and Information Literacy Programs.


The Library is open with all facilities and services for the students from 9.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M on all workings days and also on Fridays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturdays from 9.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M.  Library will remain closed on public & Government holidays.

 Library provides the following facilities to the users:

  1. Reference Section
  2. Rental Section
  3. Periodical Section
  4. New Arrivals Section
  5. Discussion Room
  6. Conference Room
  7. Silent Zone
  8. Learning Zone
  9. Research Zone
  10. E-library Centre

Library is providing the following services to the users:

    1. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
    2. Internet/CD ROM Search Assistance
    3. E-Resources
    4. Information Services
    5. Research Support Information Service (RSIS)
    6. Reference/Referral Service
    7. News clipping Service
    8. Current Awareness Service (CAS)
    9. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
    10. Query Based Service (QBS)
    11. Table of Content
    12. New Arrivals Information Service
    13. Book Review of the Month
    14. Internship


The students cannot checkout any audio visual materials from the Library. They can use the Audio Visual materials like CDs, DVD, Cassettes materials in the Library Students may use audio-visual materials in the electronic library area of the Library. Materials must be returned to the circulation desk during library hours after use.​


  1. Membership Fees

    The Library fees for SUC student is included in the annual fees as per the institution policies. All library borrowings will come into force after a member pays applicable security deposit which will be refunded at the time of withdrawal of membership or cancellation of the admission after deducting any dues pending against the library.

    The outside members will have to pay applicable annual membership with a security deposit of AED 500/= and it has to be renewed each year. The alumni members of SUC can access the library e-resources absolutely free of charge through the portal.

  2. Membership Forms

    Alumni Membership forms are available in the portal and print copies in the library as well.


The Library charges fine of AED 1/= day for overdue books from the students.

Issued documents and other items are renewable, provided there is no demand for the material by other members. Two renewals are allowed for any issued material.

The cases of penalty for any damage or lost of any item will be referred to the Head-Librarian for action. The borrowers need to pay the cost of the books or it will be debited in their account.


All those who leave the organization must return, replace or pay for all outstanding print and non-print materials that they have not returned to the Library. SUC Library will issue the clearance certificate to any faculty member only after he/she returns the borrowed materials from the Library.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The Borrower can check the status of books issuance and return in their library account through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).


  • Will there be orientation about SUC library for the users?

    An orientation will be given to all the Freshmen of BBA & MBA at the beginning of the semester.  The Administration department will advise the date and time for the orientation. 
  • Will SUC library issue a clearance certificate?

    All those who leave the organization must return, replace or pay for all outstanding print and non-print materials that they have not returned to the Library. SUC Library will issue the clearance certificate to any faculty member only after he/she returns the borrowed materials from the Library. 
  • What kinds of e-resources are available in our library?

    Ebrary, ProQuest and EBSCO are the e-resources available and the students can access them by from home as well.

    All they have to do is to enter their user name and password in the library portal. Under the section E Database and journals this link is given.

  • What is SUC library policy on Tabs and E-books?

    Students of MBA will be given Tab loaded with the E-books of their subjects on VitalSource Platform.  Students are required to check the Tab & the accessories before signing the Undertaking. SUC provides Tab to the students at free of cost to enhance their learning. However, University does not hold responsibility for any issue or problem arises out the devise usage.  It is the responsibility of the students to keep the Tab in good condition, and if any damage caused to the tab, University will not be responsible to fix the fault.  University may facilitate for any repair/replacement with charges. Every student is expected to carry their Tab to every class.  A student will be allowed to class, only if he/she carries the Tab. 
  • What is Inter library loan?

    SUC has an agreement of inter library loan facility with the University of Dubai (UOD). The services of University of Dubai can be availed both by the students and the faculty for the purpose of references, borrow books and also use the online resources.
  • What facilities and services does library department provides?

    Library is providing the following facilities and services to the users:

    i. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

    ii. Internet/CD ROM Search Assistance

    iii. Online Resources Services (EBSCO, ProQuest (ABI/INFORM)  Ebrary)

    iv. News clipping Service

    v. Reference/Referral Service

    vi. Current Awareness Service (CAS)

    vii. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

    viii. Query Based Service (QBS)

    ix. Table of Content







  • What are the rules for circulation of non-print material?

    Rules for Circulation of Non-Print Materials (NPMs)

    Non- print materials (NPMs) in the collections of Library include items such as DVDs/CDs/Videos/CDs/ Video Cassettes, Audio Cassettes, Slides etc.

    1. All audio-visual materials will be issued to the faculty for the classroom demonstration only through the computing department who would display the material as per faculty requirement and then return to the Library. Items can be retained maximum for seven days only.

    2. Lending period: Seven days only

  • What all institutional memberships does SUC library have?

    ​Ebrary, ProQuest, EBSCO, American Finance Association, ATLAS, American Marketing Association, American Accounting Association and Association for Computing Machinery. 
  • Is there any penalty for loss or damaged books?

    The cases of penalty for any damage or lost of any item will be referred to Head-Librarian for action.
  • How can I use discussion rooms?

    Some rules and regulations are to be followed during the use of discussion rooms:

    i. The rooms for students have to be reserved in advance. The group which wants to use the rooms for discussion should give their names and the time for use at least one day before the requirement.

    ii. The rooms are for studies and group discussions purpose only.

  • Can the library material be renewed?

    ​Users may renew any materials borrowed from the Library provided that no other person has made a request for the item. Two renewals will be allowed for any issued materials. On-campus students must present the book and a current identification card at the Circulation Desk. Requests for renewals by telephone will only be accepted from students who attend all of their classes’ off-campus.
  • Are there any late fine charges?

    ​The Library charges fine of AED 1/= day for overdue books from the students.

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