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ESG and Marketability of Product & Services

The world is experiencing major challenges like pandemic, geo-political issues and climate change on one hand ,on the other hand almost every decade trade cycles, recession and inflation etc.,.

Use of Technology for Managing Store Operations and Improving Shopping Experience

The advancements in technology and growth of internet usage among customers worldwide has urged retailers to use smart technologies to keep pace with changing market needs and latest developments.

Marketing Mantras to Achieve Success and Growth through Pandemic – Strategic Focus

The world is going through the worst pandemic witnessed in past 100 years that created havoc in the economy and growth aspects across the globe. The global economy has almost become stand still and thanks to the efforts

Marketing Innovation Value Chain Model - A Strategic Marketing Tool to Steer through the Troubled Times

The present times made the global business world highly vulnerable and made the companies to face uncertain future. Most of the companies are struggling to survive, and the leading companies are relooking at their strategies and realigning the same to stay alive.

Impact of COVID 19 on Marketing Strategies and Actions

The appearance of coronavirus recently represents the most difficult pandemic that caused big impact on various economic sectors worldwide. Governments have been enforcing different approaches to minimize the effect

Marketing Strategy during Covid-19 and the Way Forward

Though the current health crisis has a legacy in the past, but with advanced medical and IT infrastructure, this unprecedented crisis has been a big jolt to the entire world.

Compassionate Marketing – A Futuristic Strategic Marketing Tool to Win the Hearts and Minds of Consumers

Competition is ever-present in today's business, and all the companies spend billions to address the mounting competition of consumers. It is imperative to understand that each company focuses to identify, target, and reach the set of consumers which it believes would buy its product/service.

Economic Dimension of Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing provides businesses the opportunity to leverage the power of social media platforms to connect with their audience.

Corporate Marketing Responsibility – A Strategic Tool for the Sustainable Future

Competition is the way of life in today’s corporate world, and companies spend billions anticipating, tackling, and winning over competitors either from the same industry or a different one.

Inclusive Marketing Strategy to Tackle Standardization versus Localization Dilemma

Consumers today can access products and services from all the world, thanks to the globalization drive, which is uniting most of the countries. Thanks to the Internet, which created an information explosion and enabled the