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Career Advising and Counseling



The purpose of Career Counseling is to counsel the students who are seeking internship and placements. The orientations are carried out to facilitate students and give them tips on the internship and placements. As per policy, students are facilitated with internship opportunities only once. Similarly, placement facilities are provided to students wherever opportunities are available.



  • To provide career counseling and outreach to students, alumni and faculty.
  • To provide career development and job search counseling to University students and alumni in both individual and group settings, decided and undecided students
  • To develop a general knowledge and understanding of the related professions represented by Skyline programs in the Colleges and School and maintain familiarity with the education, training and career opportunities and expectations
  • To conduct regular outreach efforts including workshops and presentations to classes, student clubs and organizations
  • To develop strong relationships with chairs, department heads and faculty in the Colleges and School; target key faculty for employer recruitment opportunities
  • To develop and maintain an advertising strategy specifically designed to attract more students to the on-campus recruiting schedule and on-line career services
  • To disseminate employment and internship opportunities to appropriate faculty, organizations, and students
  • To participate in employer development activities including employer visitations, advisory boards and on-campus recruiting, and the development of job and internship leads
  • To identify online resources for a variety of career issues, academic majors and career fields
  • To facilitate planning and coordination of career outreach and programs such as job fairs, career programs, and employer panels
  • To enhance awareness and visibility of the Career Development.
  • To encourage faculty to maintain equitable opportunities for students by posting jobs and internships sent directly to department from the Career Gear database
  • To provide consultation and organization assistance to departments in their development of major specific career related events
  • To maintain ongoing professional development via involvement with relevant professional associations
  • To collaborate on the development and enhancement of Career Development of SSD portal and coordinate with Computing for Career Gear software; integrate technology into daily operations, programs and presentations.
  • To provide career assessment and interpretation to undecided students through services offered by the Peer Career Program (training is provided)
  • To organize and plan seminars and workshops on career planning or career development.
  • To evaluate students’ background, education, and training, to help them develop realistic goals
  • To guide students through making decisions about their careers, such as choosing a new profession and the type of degree to pursue
  • To help students in job search skills, interviewing and networking
  • To assist students in locating and applying for jobs, by teaching them strategies to find openings and how to write a résumé
  • To advise students on how to resolve problems in the workplace, such as conflicts with bosses or coworkers



The Career counselor shall carry out the activities in coordination with other departments as follows:


Corporate Affairs Office:

Corporate Affairs Office and the career counselor will work together on setting up workshops and fairs to enhance employability and increase industry involvement of SUC students.


Events Coordinator:

Events and the career counselor will work on the makeup of events centering around student’s involvement in the fairs and the organization of out of campus career promoting activities.


Teaching effectiveness committee (TEC):

The career counselor will coordinate with the members of the teaching effectiveness committee in order to suggest the needed Professional Skills Developments PSDP’s to students, the career counselor will also support the TEC in designing the schedule and conduct such skills developments to students.


Internship, workshop & training:

The Course syllabus of SUC’s internship will be explained to the Career counselor by Admin. He/she will handle the process of resume building and verification, collaborate with Corporate affairs on readiness of students for interviews and post-employment.

Workshops and training are to be carried out on a semester-by-semester basis. Career counselor will be in charge of the materials and presentation of career related topics/issues to educate, improve and sharpen the skills of students as regards their employability.


Details of Career Advising Sessions conducted during AY 2023-24

Topic  of the program

Resource person

Students batch (Freshman /Sophomore /Junior /Senior

Date of the program

Mock interview & Preparing for an interview

Dr. Shanmugan


17TH March 2022

Career Development Skills

Dr. Ramakrishna


19th March 2022

LinkedIn & Identifying job opportunities

Dr.Beenu Mago & Dr.Manas


10th Nov 2021

Mock interview & Preparing for an interview

Dr Shanmugan & Dr.Paramiah


10th Nov 2021

Career Guidance              



11th Oct 2021

CV Preparation

Dr.Paul Katuse


08th Nov 2021