MBA program is designed with an academic and practical rigor to ensure that students acquire key managerial knowledge, attitude and skills to meet the challenges of the present business scenario in an appropriate social and ethical manner.  The program bridges and integrates regional, cultural, and domestic business practices with the global business ethos, so as to carve future managers for local and global businesses.


The focus of Gulf Region and UAE in specific on non-oil sectors for developing its economy is a commendable strategy. Hence, there has been rapid growth in the contribution to GDP from areas like manufacturing, food, retail, real estate, automobile, airlines, ports, hospitality, medical, educational, financial and other service sectors to name a few. The efforts of government of UAE resulted in the placement of many of its educated manpower in different positions in government, semi government, and private organizations during the “boom” period wherein the participation of the workforce has increased substantially. This young Arab population along with the first and second generation expats groomed in the region is soon to become the managerial workforce at various organizations and hence need to be given a strong base in management knowledge and skills. SUC MBA is pursuing the ambition and goal to serve and educate the manpower of the Gulf region through well-structured academic MBA program that focuses on knowledge as well as skills and attitude to groom future management professionals of the region.


A.    Develop managerial skills in problem solving and decision making
B.    Instill leadership skills and professional attitude
C.    Develop ethical orientation to conduct business in a socially responsible manner
D.    Develop acumen towards formulating, implementing and evaluating business strategies


Students will be able to :

A.    Explain theories, tools and techniques of business management and their applications.
B.    Develop leadership skills and competencies for managing organizations
C.    Research, evaluate, analyze and formulate business strategies
D.    Evaluate ethical business practices and its implications on business.
E.    Integrate knowledge and business practices to consistently solve complex issues


SUC has developed well planned MBA curriculum which significantly prepares a student to shoulder the responsibility of managing business organizations in optimizing their vision. It equips the student with the knowledge, skills, and values that nurtures intellectual maturity and helps to probe into the depths of knowledge. It enables student to specialize in skills that are unique and have a sense of creative independence in implementation of strategies.
The MBA program is carefully planned to fulfill the mission and purposes of SUC as well as its goals and objectives. It is adequately equipped with best practices of teaching methodologies and is flexible to adapt and adopt changes in training the students in the field of management sciences to enable them to effectively make management decisions for the growth of business.
The practical orientation enables the student to integrate theory with the best practices of the industry so as to effectively and efficiently conduct the operations in an organization. The student is thus enabled to accomplish the outcomes as anticipated in the program and transfer them to the professional areas. SUC ensures that each student enrolled in the course receives a Course Delivery Package (CDP) on the first day of the class that includes the following Syllabus:

  1. Credit hours
  2. Pre Requisites
  3. Course description
  4. Learning outcomes
  5. Course contents
  6. Academic strategies
  7. Course policies
  8. Class Schedule
  9. Mode of Assessment
  10. Information on core text
  11. Additional reading materials
  12. Online learning resources

SUC uses regular evaluation of all courses; instructional pedagogy, feedback and results obtained from the various assessments effectively through a well-developed Institutional Effectiveness System to revise the curriculum in order to ensure quality and excellence in both curriculum and instructional pedagogy

Core Courses 27
Major Courses 9
Total Requirements 36



All admissions in SUC are guided by Ministerial Decrees # 200/yr. 2004 and 133/yr. 2005; The Standards for Licensure & Accreditation 2019.

An applicant seeking admission for Graduate program is required to fulfill the following two conditions:

  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. English Language Proficiency

Details of the above two requirements are as follows;

Bachelor Degree Grade

I. Bachelor’s degree earned in a discipline appropriate for the prospective graduate degree, with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or its established equivalent. However students below CGPA of 2.5 are requried to udnergo MBA remedial program.

II. A Bachelor’s degree in other than business discipline will be accepted but the applicant is required  to undergo a MBA Qualifying program (MQP) and/or MBA remedial program.

III. MQP courses cleared by non-business graduate students in any other University will also be accepted at SUC as per MQP TOC Policy. However, the student needs to appear for a challenge exam.

English Language Proficiency Requirement (TOEFL/IELTS/EmSAT)

Prospective MBA student is required to fulfill any one of the following requirements for admission as given below:

  1. A minimum score of 550 out of 677 on Institutional Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum score of 79 out of 120 on the Internet Based Test (IBT) of TOEFL or a minimum score of 213 on the Computer based TOEFL (certificates will be accepted upon verification by the ETS)
  2. A minimum score of 6.0 on International English Language Testing System (IELTS - Academic)
  3. A minimum score of 1400 in EmSAT Achieve English (Emirates Standardized Test)

Table -2 English Proficiency Score Range for Direct Entry to Graduate Program






EmSAT Achieve English

Enrollment Status







Direct Entry to MBA Program


  1. Qualifying English proficiency test is mandatory for all including native speakers
  2. Institutional TOEFL / IELTS score only from recognized testing centers or AMIDEAST is acceptable. The TOEFL (IBT) certificates will be accepted upon verification by the ETS and for IELTS verification will be done from IETLTS website.
  3. Requirements are applied regardless of educational system or country where student is coming from.
  4. The English proficiency qualifying result should be submitted within 1 week of the commencement of the program
  5. Transfer student need to have English proficiency eligibility upon registration failing which they will have to undergo the preparatory courses as given in above table-2
  6. If a student joins graduate program immediately upon completion of the undergraduate program, the English proficiency scores obtained at the time of admission to undergraduate program can be accepted for admission to the graduate program provided he meets requirements given in above table-2. Otherwise the student has to submit a new IELTS / TOEFL / EMSAT score as per requirement.


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