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ammar almomani

Prof. Ammar Almomani

Head of research and innovation department
Contact information: +971569432859
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Dear Visitors,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) at Skyline University College (SUC). As the Head of Research and Innovation, I am committed to ensuring that our department translates knowledge into effective policies and actions that improve research and innovation outcomes.
Since my appointment in February 2021, I have been working towards creating a more dynamic and impactful research environment. To that end, we have recently established a new policy which is related to Translation and Leadership Development research and innovation program at DRI.

Our goal at DRI is to ensure conducting research with impact, and emphasize innovation and entrepreneurial outcomes. We are dedicated to offering quality research services, facilities, and infrastructure to create and sustain reliable and meaningful relationships with research partners and collaborators. We strive to advance research into commercial applications to achieve better outcomes and impacts.

At DRI, we make decisions on allocating resources for research, innovation, patents, projects, conference participation, case study development, and knowledge updates through our strategic plan, and in the form of a Research and Innovation Policy that is reviewed yearly.

We are excited about the potential for further achievements at both the local and global levels, and we invite you to explore the work being done by our dedicated team. We hope that our efforts will inspire you to join us in our mission to contribute to a better world through research and innovation.

Thank you for your interest in DRI at SUC.
Best regards,
Prof. Ammar almomani
Head of Research and innovation Department

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