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IATA – Cargo Introductory Course

Cargo Introductory Course Dubai and Sharjah

The IATA Cargo Introductory Course provides the participants with the knowledge and the skill to process a customer’s consignment efficiently and professionally at a basic level according to the prevailing international industry standard.

Cargo Introductory Course Contents

  • Introduction to the Air Cargo Industry Regulations, ICAO, IATA, FIATA
  • The roles of the cargo agent, airlines, and ground handling agent
  • IATA geography, Traffic Conference Areas, codes, time differences
  • Airline timetables, OAG air cargo guide, and calculation of transportation time
  • Aircraft handling and cargo terminal facilities for shipments
  • Normal conditions of air transportation
  • Aircraft in Civil Aviation, specifications and features of an aircraft and the various limitations
  • Factors that restrict the acceptance and handling of special air cargo commodities
  • Airline booking requirements, cargo systems
  • Rounding off principles: dimensions, weights, and currency figure amounts
  • Using the TACT Rules and Rates books, interpreting the applicable rule correctly
  • Establishing the lowest possible charge, and the role of the minimum charge
  • Using the General Cargo Rate, Specific Commodity Rate, Commodity Classification Class Rate, and its precedence
  • Liability for air cargo shipments, and calculating the valuation charge
  • Completing the Universal Air Waybill and correctly interpreting the different entries
  • Disbursements, definition, restriction, and calculating the disbursement amount and fee

Audience/minimum qualification

  • This program is designed for those who intend to make a professional career out of the air cargo industry starting at an entry level, or those who already have a place in the industry but without the international professional qualification required to succeed in an air cargo agency, airline, or airport.


The following basic skills are required:

  • Reading, writing, and speaking in the English language.
  • Good foundation of basic mathematics.


Career opportunities

Executives, officers and agents for:

  • Airline, Airports, Cargo agencies, Freight forwarders, Consolidators, Ground handling agencies


Course schedule

  • Course Duration: 8 weeks
  • Course Days: Mon-Fri
  • Course Timings – 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM



  • Type of Exam: External
  • Exam Duration: 1 paper of 3 hours
  • Exam Venue: To be advised as per IATA directives


Course fee

  • AED 5,000 - (Fees subject to change)
  • Last date to register
  • Two week prior to start of course


Admission requirements

  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Passport Copy
  • Fee as specified in Fee Policy


Refund policy

For course cancelled by Institution:

  • 100% refund of course fee
  • For course cancelled by student:
  • 10% of the total fees will be deducted and the balance amount will be refunded before the commencement of course
  • No refund after the commencement of course


General terms & Conditions

  • Course and exam dates are subject to change.
  • Conduct of classes is subject to minimum number of students enrolled.
  • Conduct of morning/evening batches is subject to minimum number of students enrolled. In case of cancellation of either of the batches, registered students would be shifted to available batch. Student should refer to fee refund policy, in case he/she is not willing to shift the batch.
  • Courses offered during holy month of Ramadan would have different timings. Student should contact administration/CPD for new timings.
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