Why ACCA at Skyline University 

Skyline University College provides qualified and experienced mentors for its ACCA programs. On top of this, SUC focuses on making its students globally competitive so its courses are designed to diversify students’ experience and make them excel in the International arena.

Studying for your ACCA at SUC will give you many career opportunities in the future, in both the local and international markets. The fields include Financial Accountancy, Management Accountancy, Corporate governance, Business Advisory, Forensic Accounting, Tax Accountancy, Asset Management, Fund Accounting, Financial control, Internal & External Audit, and Valuations, among others.


SUC provides students with:

Highly Qualified Faculty Members – Qualified and Experienced

Our mentors are experts in their subject areas. SUC keeps their knowledge up to date with training and seminars. They are highly qualified to equip students with the necessary skills to adapt to the changing industries.

Personal Approach to Teaching – Sensitive Approach to Teaching

Our mentors are used to multicultural settings; hence, they are culturally sensitive. They are not only passionate about what they teach, but they are also passionate about the people whom they instill knowledge to. Students at SUC are encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions. The faculty members are always available for the students.


ACCA Approved Learning Partner – Meets the standard of ACCA

SUC is the first ACCA Gold Approved Learning Provider in the UAE. It also an ACCA Approved Computer-Based Exam (CBE) Center since 2009.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities – Offers well-equipped modern facilities

SUC is located at the heart of the prestigious University City of Sharjah. The campus has spacious and well-equipped facilities. It also offers transportation facilities.


Please contact our office in UAE for more information about ACCA courses and certification. Or visit our university college which is only 30 minutes away from Dubai.

University City of Sharjah, UAE.

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