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Centre for Professional Development (CPD): Centre for Professional Development offers different professional courses which are internationally recognized and globally accepted. The division caters to the training needs of travel & tourism, finance & accounting, marketing, information technology and other related areas in the field of management.

School of Business


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a British accountancy body which offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualifications worldwide. It is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing accountancy bodies with 210,000 members and 510,000 affiliates and students in 180 countries.
The Professional Scheme is the primary qualification of the ACCA and upon completion of up to 13 professional examinations and three years of supervised, relevant accountancy experience enables an individual to become a Chartered Certified Accountant.
ACCA Qualification is designed to provide the accounting knowledge, skills and professional values which will deliver finance professionals who are capable of building successful careers across all sectors, whether they are working in the public or private sectors, practicing in accounting firms, or pursuing a career in business.

1. Applied Knowledge 
The ACCA Knowledge module is a three months course covering three papers of the ACCA qualification AB, MA & FA constituting first step towards the ACCA Qualification and capable to get admission on the skill module. 
2. Applied Skill 
The Skill Module of ACCA qualification covers the LW, PM, TX, FR, AA, FM Papers and after successful completion one may proceed to the professional level of ACCA Qualification. The Skill module class duration is six months.
3. Startegic Professional 
The Professional level is the highest level of ACCA qualification consisting of 4 papers and after successful completion of this level the students may proceeds to their bright career of ACCA. 
4. Introductory Certificate in Financial & Management Accounting
Introductory certificate in Financial & Management accounting is one of the certificate & diploma courses offered by ACCA. These certificate courses provide basic knowledge and techniques of financial and management accounting to those who have not studied accountancy before.
5. Intermediate Certificate in Financial & Management Accounting
Intermediate certificate in Financial & Management provides basic knowledge and techniques of financial and management accounting to those who have not studied accountancy before. You could work in a variety of accounts-support roles including: a junior accounts or cost clerk/junior bookkeeper role in a small or medium-sized enterprise; a range of junior or cost accounting administration roles within an accounting department of a larger organization or financial shared service center
6. Certificate in International Auditing
Organisations around the world need accounting professionals who specialise in audit work to be competent in International Standards on Auditing (ISA). ACCA has developed the CertIA, the ideal qualification to help you develop an understanding of ISA, or gain formal recognition for your existing skills and knowledge. ACCA’s Certificate in International Auditing (CertIA) is a fast, efficient and on-demand solution to meet these needs. This course offers an introduction to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), covering the principles and application of ISAs through face-to-face training and concludes with an objective assessment. This ACCA qualification is structured to provide delegates with key information and useful summaries. It examines and breaks down specific standards topic-by-topic. There are case studies which are based on real-life examples, many exercises, multiple-choice questions and sample answers for you to test your knowledge with as you progress through the course. The course is also updated every year by ACCA to make sure it stays relevant and includes a topic-by-topic explanation of the specific ISAs
7. Certificate in International Public Sector Auditing Standards
IPSAS® have been developed to enhance the quality, consistency and transparency of public sector financial reporting worldwide. Issued by the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, IPSAS are cash and accruals-based standards used for the preparation of general purpose financial statements by governments and other public sector entities around the world. They are increasingly being adopted across the Middle East with many ministries transitioning to IPSAS. 


School of Information Technology

International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)

EC-Council: The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-supported professional organization. The EC-Council is known primarily as a professional certification body. Its best-known certification is the Certified Ethical Hacker. SUC is an education partner of EC-Council.
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by assessing the security of computer systems, using penetration testing techniques.