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The main objective of this division of CCL is to design and conduct certificate programs/boot camps/summer schools for school and college students across the globe. As part of the program the participants will also visit major tourist destinations in Dubai during the program.


  1. The Main Objectives of this division are
  2. To design and conduct  Summer Schools/ certificate program/ boot Camps for International school/ college/university students across the globe.
  3. To design and conduct Refresher Course in Management/Re-boot to the employees working in Government sector and Private sector across the globe 
  4. This will be advised as another section to be included after the strategic planning approved


Courses Offered

The various Programs Offered by Centre for Re-boot & Boot Camps:
  1. Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Trends in Information Technology.  This program is designed for 4 days which includes training sessions as well as sight-seeing in Dubai. This program is designed primarily to provide an overview of entrepreneurship, develop an entrepreneurial frame of mind and have an insight of the emerging trends in Information Technology. The role of entrepreneurship in an economy is of interest to businesses, government, academicians, and students. Creating and growing a new venture is a task that a few individuals are able to accomplish, even though many profess the desire. Over the past few decades, Information Technology radically reshaped and transformed the way organizations work. It had impacted all aspects of human life and business. In this context, it is essential to have an orientation of the current trends in Information Technology like cloud computing, data analytics, data architecture, social media platforms, enterprise resource planning, and many more. This will help in using the current and latest trends in designing various systems and process for any organization, which will help in developing competitive advantage over their competitors.
  2. Certificate Program in Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program. This course is designed to help you develop skills that you can use along with your IT skills and knowledge. Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship focuses on teaching critical business and financial skills, attitudes, and behaviors to help you succeed in the 21st century workplace. Important concepts are reinforced through seven modules, which illustrate a series of business case studies that expose you to entrepreneurship opportunities in networking and broadband scenarios.
  3. Summer School in Self-Management Skills & Cross Culture Management:  This program is designed primarily to provide an overview of self-management skills which focus on areas like Interpersonal skills, time management skills, Critical thinking skills, Problem solving, Positive attitude, Communication skills, leadership skills which will help in the overall Personality development of the individual which will help them to enter the corporate world. Cross cultural managerial capability is a key success factor to survive in today’s globally connected competitive business environment.  People today require understanding of how people from different cultures speak, communicate and perceive the world around them. Language differences, high-context vs. low-context cultures, nonverbal differences and power distance are major factors that can affect cross-cultural managerial capabilities. This short program will help participants to understand the importance of Self-Management skills. This program also enhances their cross cultural awareness and equip them to handle challenges of global business in connected era. The Participants will learn how to communicate and negotiate with overseas partners. The course will encourage participants to explore their own assumptions and preconceptions about other cultures, as well as creating awareness of their own cultural heritage and how it affects their world views, values and assumptions. This program on the whole equips the individual with required skills to enter the corporate world.
  4. Refresher Course in Management with Emphasis on Innovation, Sustainability & Leadership (Re-boot): SUC refresher program is a practical, generalist program designed to provide the necessary tools to broaden and enrich executive’s knowledge and leadership skills. Our short curriculum reflects recognized international standards and has been specifically designed to combine local and global perspectives. The program’s approach is multidisciplinary and multi-functional. It combines theory and practical application, in order to provide idea to the participant regarding the range of management skills and business disciplines that corporate executive must master to be effective in their organizations.

The objective of the program is to provide candidate with a global perspective of the international business landscape. It will enable participant to: 

  • Understand  the emerging global trends in business management 
  • Analyze importance of Innovation & Creativity in the work place.
  • Acquaint with global best practices in Human resources, Talent Management and lessons in managing Diversity through case studies.
  • Understand the importance of knowledge leadership and sustainability in the new millennium in the area of business management
  • To get insights into the latest trends in Managerial communication in digital era.
  • Get appropriate career counselling for required skill set to play a key role in strategic decision-making and advancing their career.