EDP is the executive development program division of Skyline University focusing on developing human resource talents in the region. We provide our clients best in class training programs related to management in various areas like strategy planning, actualizing financial planning and consolidation, information technology management, human resource management and brand building and marketing.

Having been in the region for the last 27 years serving for the business education domain of the region, we have built our capabilities and competencies in training and development and is currently serving the market with bench marked training programs. We have business leaders, consultants and PhD holders as our training specialists. We pride ourselves for having made long term customer relations with many government entities and corporate in the region through partnering with them in developing their talents that drive organizations towards excellence.


To design and deliver management development programs of quality for professional and managerial skills development to organizations that need to move towards excellence.

Our objectives

  1. To become a partner to regional organizations in developing their human resource talents
  2. To provide consulting services to government and private organizations
  3. To support in doing research for industry, organization or market knowledge and insights

Our strengths
We have partnered with various international organizations to source trainers of high caliber, expertise and practical know how. We have in-house trainers who are holding PhDs and have done research in regional organizations who can share their skills and knowledge for taking your organization to the next level of growth and profitability. We have track records of having delivered several successful training programs to governmental entities . Having been in the region for last 25 years and delivering business education in the region we have cultural sensitivity required for any successful training delivery.


Frequent Nomination Plan

  1. In recognition of those clients who frequently nominate participants on public programs offered by Skyline MDP center , a special frequent nomination discount of 5- 10% on paid fees will be given if 10 or more candidates are nominated per program
  2. This special discount will apply to the 10th paid nomination onwards on programs offered during this year. Moreover, clients who nominated 10 or more participants in the previous year will be eligible for the 10% discount for every nomination this year.

Registration Terms

  1. All nominations to our public programs are to be processed by the client's HR/Training department.
  2. Self-Nominations to our public programs are to be paid in advance using the payment by self option on the online registration form. A refund will be issued back to the client in the event of program cancellation or seat unavailability.
  3. Registration confirmation is subject to review of registration request and seat availability.

Cancellation Terms

  1. If a confirmed registration is cancelled less than 5 calendar days prior to the program start date, a substitute participant may be nominated to attend the same program, or a 20% cancellation charge is applied. The same 20% cancellation fee will be charged in case the participant is a no-show.​

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