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Management Club


 About the Club


The management club provides a platform to the members to connect professionals from corporate, public and Not-for-Profit organizations. The club organizes activities and events for enhancing management skills and competencies of the members in multiple domains of management. Club also provides opportunities to the members to network and expose them for professional certifications.


Objectives of the Club


The Management Club operates with the following objectives:

  • To develop the practical knowledge and skills of management through various activities.
  • To conduct events such as guest lectures, student competitions, business games, and industry/plant visits etc.
  • To support the members for domain specific networking, professional membership and certifications.

 Scope of the Club


All students of the school are welcome to this Club for developing their management skills and competencies. The scope of this club comprises of domains such as general management, public administration, operations management, innovation, entrepreneurship, economics, decision sciences, information systems etc. The club invites professionals, Alumni, entrepreneurs for sharing their knowledge and experience with club members. The club organizes industry/plant/government and non-government organizations visits, seminars, workshops etc. for club members to acquire managerial competencies.