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Hayyakum Club

About the Club:

Hayyakum Club aims to develop students' educational, leadership and social skills in order to scaffold them to communicate effectively and participate in scholarly activities. It also provides the opportunity to register in the student club so as to practice valuable leadership and life skills.

Meaning of Hayyakum : The word Hayyakum is considered one of the most popular words in the Arab countries, which expresses a sincere welcome, especially for dear guests, and has been used since a long time.

This word can be used for HR, Hospitality and Public Administration Club as this discipline engages with people management and believes in welcoming people around the globe.


Objectives of Hayyakum Club:

  • Encouraging students' participation in a variety of activities to improve their performance and develop their scientific and leadership skills.
  • Raising the spirit of cooperation among students and encouraging them to take responsibility.
  • Providing support to new students by guiding and assisting them in their new academic life.
  • Obtaining student input regarding needs and desires, and transmitting the information obtained to students' activities

Scope of Hayyakum Club

  • Each club approved by the university administration can submit some advertisements about the club to clarify the purpose of the club, activities and events. After the club is announced to university students, each student is given the opportunity to register in the club by filling out the registration form.
  • The Coordinator of Hayyakum Cub is a faculty member specialized in the club's field of specialization. This club is open to all university students who study in HR, Hospitality and Public Administration specialization during their study years.
  • The club members are required to fill out the event plan proposed to be implemented, highlighting all its details, budget and requests to be submitted to the Club Coordinator. All required events must meet the goals of the clubs in line with the vision of the university.
  • If required events are not included in the club's semester plan, they must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the actual event date for approval.
  • Clubs must hold elections on an annual basis to select new student committee, who shall operationalize the club.


Hayyakum Club Membership

  1. Membership expires one year after registration and is open for renewal the following year.
  2. Registration is open all year, but closes for one week before the election of board members for the specific club.
  3. Students can register as members by filling up the Registration Form
  4.  Each student shall be part of the most events hosted by the Club. Club members meet regularly to plan, implement and deliver activities and events of the Club.
  5. This club must host at least two activities on campus each semester. Typical activities could include, but are not limited to, participating and coordinating a service project, hosting academic events, organizing fun and interactive activities, field visits etc.

Individual roles and responsibilities of club members

  1.  Chairman: The president directs the planning of activities and defines the tasks and roles of each member
  2. Vice President: assisting the President in carrying out administrative tasks and following up on the implementation of activities.
  3. Treasurer: The Treasurer handles financial affairs, organizes the expenditure process, and makes effective use of financial financing.
  4. Activities coordinator: The coordinator proposes activities and events and follows up on their implementation and evaluation.
  5. Media Coordinator: The media coordinator monitors the media coverage of the events and activities and the dissemination of news about the club.
  6. Public Relations Coordinator: The coordinator works to organize relations with the parties that can cooperate in implementing activities and activities and evaluating the effectiveness and success of activities and events.