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HR Club (Hayyakum Club)



About the Club:


Hayyakum Club aims to develop students' educational, leadership and social skills in order to scaffold them to communicate effectively and participate in scholarly activities. It also provides the opportunity to practice valuable leadership and life skills.


Meaning of Hayyakum :


The word Hayyakum is considered one of the most popular words in the Arab countries, which expresses a sincere welcome, especially for dear guests, and has been used since a long time.

This word can be used for HR Club as this discipline engages with people management and believes in welcoming people around the globe.


Objectives of Hayyakum Club:

  • To encourage students' participation in a variety of activities to improve their performance and develop their scientific and leadership skills.
  • To raise the spirit of cooperation among students and encourage them to take responsibility.
  • To provide support to new students by guiding and assisting them in their new academic life.
  • To conduct events focused on contemporary issues in Human Resources Management and Leadership. 

Scope of Hayyakum Club

This club welcomes all students of the university to learn and participate in developing interpersonal communication and leadership skills. The club invites leaders and HR managers and practitioners, Alumni, eminent personalities, entrepreneurs for sharing their knowledge and experience with club members. The club also organizes HR forums, CEO lecture series, seminars, workshops etc. for club members to acquire HR competencies.