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Coding Club

Skyline University Coding Club (SCC)
Student Activities are an important element of learning process, in order to develop the students in a holistic manner, committees and clubs are formed to Plan, Organize and Conduct various activities throughout the academic year and helps students hone their managerial, leadership and IT skills.
The Skyline University Coding Club provides participating students an opportunity to learn the basics of computer programming in a team setting. The club's main focus will be to inculcate a culture of programming in Skyline University using different programming platforms. 
The Primary objective of this club is to inculcate a culture of programming at SUC.
• Providing students with a platform where they can discuss and share their ideas with fellow students.
• Building a group of students who are strong in programming who could represent our university in programming competitions.
Why a Coding Club?
Programming is a very essential skill to possesses, especially in this day and age. This club will strive to help students start or advance their programming pathways. A coding club builds a network of programmers who can acquire and impart knowledge among each other. Moreover, the skills developed will help our IT students in their programming courses.  
Functions of the coding club
• To plan a yearly calendar of activities and inform the student community.
• To conduct the planned activities
• To review and provide feedback
• To recommend appreciation for outstanding performance of the team members
• To conduct pre and post activity meetings
Following are the activities associated with this club:
• Offering programming boot camps open to all students.
• Conducting competitive programming competitions within the university.
• Participating in the competitions worldwide. 
• Conducting student seminars. 
However, the club is not restricted to the above activities. 
Process Flow
• Students are informed about the importance of committees, clubs, membership, roles and responsibilities
• Members are enrolled in the coding club
• Coding club head will be elected 
• Activities and budgets are planned
• Activities are reviewed and feedbacks provided
• Activities are conducted
• Reports are recorded and Disseminated to the Dean School of Computing
Responsibilities of Student Interested in Membership
SCC members play a vital role in ensuring that student involvement with the SCC is meaningful. SCC members must have a thorough knowledge of the purpose and objectives of the SCC and have a commitment to and enthusiasm for the SCC. However, the role of the members is to support and help guide the SCC, not to make decisions for them. The members serves a dual role in serving both the interests of the SCC and the university. Follow the guidelines given below:
• To fill up the online coding club membership form before deadline.
• To read various announcements related to events and activities on notice boards, portal and poster on a regular basis.
• To apply for participation in any event well before the announced deadline.
• To contact Lab Instructor if interested to get a platform to showcase their talent in any field.
• To take prior permission from the Dean SOIT to use any of the SUC facilities for any extracurricular activities.
• To take prior permission from the Dean SOIT to miss any classes in order to practice for any event.
• To take prior permission from the Dean SOIT to stay back in SUC during afternoon break for any extracurricular activities.
If you are interested in joining the club or just want to see what we are all about please contact club advisor, Mr. Tauqeer Faiz. His contact information is listed below.
Club Advisor: Mr. Tauqeer Faiz