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The Finance Club


About the Club


The Finance Club in School of Business focuses on activities and events related to finance and financial management. It provides students opportunities to learn, network, and gain practical experience in the field of finance. The finance club plays a crucial role in enhancing students' understanding of finance, fostering connections in the industry, and providing opportunities for professional development. The club is a valuable resource for students pursuing careers in finance, investment banking, financial planning, and related fields.


Objectives of the Club


The club aims to become the key link between its members and the professional world. The club supports and prepares members to become professionals in the areas of finance through a wide range of career-oriented events and opportunities, including industry insights, training and interview preparation carried out by industry experts. 


The main objectives of the club are, 

  • To improve the practical knowledge of students through various activities.
  • To conduct events such as guest lectures, student competitions, finance games, simulations and visits to stock exchanges.
  • To support the learning process of students of courses related to Finance in discipline 


Scope of the Club

Students having interest in finance can join the club and get opportunities to interact with people from across the industry. The club focusses of emerging trends in finance such as FinTech, Crypto currency, Trading, Merger and Acquisition, Asset Management and financial services etc. Club also provides member centric training opportunities such as financial modelling, mock-interview, panel discussions and company presentations, helping members to gain edge over the other students in job market. Club hosts a broad range of events on many different topics, where members can get in touch with alumni, students from other universities, and today’s leaders