To be internationally recognized school that nurtures academic excellence, innovation, research and emerging ICT skills.


To serve industry and society by offering futuristic academic programs in the field of Information Technology that are carefully planned, executed, and continuously improved for stimulating excellence, creativity, innovation and leadership in related areas of research and education for faculty as well as students, and to prepare graduates who will be successful professionals, be engaged in lifelong learning, and who will be committed to serve their community.


To continue to serve with dedication in the field of Information Technology education to meet the changing needs of society and to develop responsible IT professionals, who are engaged in lifelong learning and community service.


  1. To develop and offer sound academic Information Technology programs that adhere to national and international standards in line with emerging industries and global trends.
  1. To use continuous improvement procedures in academic programs, research, learning resources and learning environment, and community service.
  1. To develop graduates who are professionally ready to compete in local and global job markets, and who are capable of continuing their education and research activities.
  1. Encourage students to use their effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community and the region.
  1. To strengthen stakeholder’s involvement and extend the collaboration with top worldwide educational and research institutions as well as industry leaders and government agencies to arrive at an eco-system that fosters innovation and research, academic excellence, and industrial expertise for both students and faculty.

Computing technology has permeated all spheres of commerce and industry and is a vital component of business enterprise innovation. It is the foundation of various companies, including banking and finance, high-tech corporations, consulting firms, and e-commerce-focused online retailers. This degree program will teach you how software engineers build software solutions for real-world computing problems and how to better use computing technology to allow people to collaborate and companies to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. You may acquire skills in the use and operation of information technology and systems in order to assist companies in developing and redesigning their business processes. Click Here for more details about Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)



All admissions in SUC are guided by Ministerial Decrees # 200/yr. 2004 and 133/yr. 2005; The Standards for Licensure & Accreditation 2019.

An applicant seeking admission for Undergraduate program is required to fulfill the following three conditions:

i. High School Qualification
ii. English Language Proficiency
iii. Mathematics Proficiency

Details of the above three requirements are as follows


1. Prospective student should have 60% marks in the secondary school of UAE or its equivalent as per the International Grade Conversions published by World Education Services Inc. ( Student having any equivalent qualification from an institution in UAE must get the documents attested by the Ministry of Education. For qualifications obtained from abroad, attestation is required from the relevant authorities of that country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.
2. IGCSE/GCSE/GCE (O-Level): All documents require attestation from the competent authorities.


1.9. Student class no. 10 – should pass 5 “O level “ (grade A to E)
1.10. Student class no. 11 – should pass “2 AS level ” or “1 A level” (grade A to D)
1.11. Student class no. 12 – should pass : 2 AS level” or “1 A level ” (grade A to D)
1.12. Student should submit the school transcript to confirm the year of studies
1.13. Islamic & Arabic compulsory but not counted
1.14. Arabic is compulsory for all students [Arabs and non-Arabs]
1.15. Islamic is compulsory for Muslims regardless of any nationality
1.16. Equivalency is compulsory for admission for individual student


2.8. Student class no. 11 – should pass 5 “O level “ (grade A to E)
2.9. Student class no. 12 – should pass “2 AS level ” or “1 A level” (grade A to D)
2.10. Student should submit the school transcript to confirm the year of studies
2.11. Islamic & Arabic compulsory but not counted
2.12. Arabic is compulsory for all students [Arabs and non-Arabs]
2.13. Islamic is compulsory for Muslims regardless of any nationality
2.14. Equivalency is compulsory for admission for individual student

American Diploma after 12 years of schooling is permitted.

Along with the 12th certificate student should submit SAT & IELTS [academic] or TOEFL for entry requirement.

1. SAT – 500 ; IELTS [academic] – 5 or TOEFL – 500 [no other certificates will be accepted]
2. EMSAT – MATHS – 500 ; EMSAT – ENGLISH - 1100
3. Islamic Education is compulsory for Muslims & Arabic Language is compulsory to Arabs & Non-Arabs which will not be counted
4. Minimum 5 courses in each grade 10, 11 and 12 with passing mark of 60%
(Refer ministerial degree 4443/2001)

Note: SUC accepts students with American diploma as per the MOE guidelines with anyone of the category mentioned below

3. IB Diploma: Requirements include 6 subjects; with minimum 24 points and must have minimum of 3 High Level subjects and 3 SL subjects. Arabic & Islamic not counted but required.

a. Islamic Education is compulsory for Muslims & Arabic Language is compulsory to Arabs & Non-Arabs which will not be counted
b. Minimum 5 courses in each grade 10, 11 and 12 with passing mark of 60%
(Refer ministerial degree 4443/2001)

4. IB Certificate

a. SUC to accept IB certificate requires a minimum grade of 22 points
b. IB certificates are considered as American Diploma and are equalized by Ministry of Education.
c. Should require SAT (500 Math & 500 TOEFL)

5. IB Career: IB Career is considered as Vocational (Technical School) Normally require higher number of points (26-28)

B. Other SS Qualifications (inside UAE):

Students from the Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Philippine, French or German high school curriculum require 12 years of schooling and attestation from MOE/ KHDA/ ADEC.

C. Secondary School Qualifications Obtained Outside UAE:

1. Must meet the requirements for admission into university in the country of origin
2. With Min 11 years of schooling
3. Attestation: Education Authority (Home Country); Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Home Country) ; UAE Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE; Evidence of completion of Secondary School Stage

With effect from 14th April 2020, Accredited Foundation Programs aimed at admitting students with a High School Average of less than 60%, offering such Foundation Programs cannot be recognized as an award, or as providing an admission path for accepting students who did not obtain high school certificate with 60% & above.


Prospective student is required to fulfill any one of the following English Proficiency requirements for admission to Undergraduate program as given below:

a. A minimum score of 500 out of 677 on Institutional Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL-ITP) (certificates will be accepted upon verification by the ETS)
b. A minimum score of 5.0 on International English Language Testing System (IELTS - Academic)
c. A minimum score of 1100 in EmSAT Achieve English (Emirates Standardized Test)
d. Any other equivalent test standardized nationally, or internationally, recognized and approved by the MoE.

Table 1: English Proficiency Score Range for Direct entry to Undergraduate Program

TOEFL - ITP EmSAT Achieve English Enrollment Status
1 >=5 >=500 >=1100 Direct entry to Undergraduate Program

1. A native speaker who has completed his / her undergraduate education in an English-medium institution may not be required to provide certification in English Language Proficiency
2. Institutional TOEFL / IELTS score only from recognized testing centers or AMIDEAST is acceptable
3. Requirements are applied regardless of educational system or country where student is coming from.
4. The English proficiency qualifying result should be submitted within 1 week of the commencement of the program
5. Transfer student need to have English proficiency eligibility upon registration failing which they will have to undergo the preparatory courses as will follow above category


Prospective student is required to fulfill any one of the following Mathematics Proficiency requirements for admission to Undergraduate program as given below: 

A. A minimum score of 500 in EmSAT Mathematics Test
B. A minimum score of 500 in SAT
C. Holding diploma or transfer of credit from an institution accredited by MOE and having a grade “C” or above in a Mathematics course.


The VC reserves the right to admit a student on condition under following circumstances where the student does not satisfactorily meet the admission criteria as per MOE:


The requirements for conditional admission under the above circumstances has been detailed below:


Students who have fulfilled the High School requirement and have achieved an English Proficiency score as given in below table may be conditionally admitted to the Undergraduate program by signing an undertaking for submission of the required English Proficiency score within the first semester. The student is also required to register for the English preparatory course offered at SUC and must obtain a minimum English Proficiency score as per Undergraduate Admission requirements in order to continue his / her admission to the Undergraduate program.

Table 2: English Proficiency Score Range for Conditional Admission to Undergraduate Program

IELTS [ACADEMIC] TOEFL - ITP EmSAT Achieve English Enrollment Status
4.5-4.99 450-499 825 - 1099 Conditional enrollment in Undergraduate Program with a maximum of 4 courses (General Education credit-bearing Courses only in subjects for which they have the preparation, knowledge, and Skills to enable them to achieve the course learning outcomes) to be taken in the first semester and register into 45 hours of English preparatory course

Procedure to apply for Conditional admission

1. Fill up the Application form for Admission in SUC.
2. Submit Admission entry requirement documents.
3. Pay the application, registration and first installment fee along with the submission of application form
4. Candidates without English Proficiency scores and / or Mathematics Proficiency score, will have to appear for the corresponding tests as per schedule.
5. Students need to register for 45 hours of English preparatory course
6. Appeal to VC for consideration of conditional admission
7. Conditional admission may be granted / rejected at VC’s discretion


SUC accepts students who wish to transfer from a federal or licensed institution in the UAE, or a foreign institution of higher learning based outside the UAE and accredited in its home country.

Transfer of credit is granted under the following conditions:

1. They must pass the English and Mathematics proficiency requirement.
2. The student must be in good academic standing and still eligible to return to the current or former institution.
3. Students who are not in good standing may get transfer only to a different major from the one from which the student is transferring
4. The course contents mentioned in the Course Delivery Package of the previous institution should match to a minimum of 75% of the SUC Syllabus of the corresponding course thereby ensuring similarity in the course learning outcomes.
5. The student must attend a minimum of 50% of the credit hours of their study plan at SUC in other words, only up to 50% of the courses offered in SUC can be offered as transfer of credits transferred to the program.
6. The credit hours completed must be equivalent or higher to the corresponding courses offered at SUC.
7. The students must have passed the course with a minimum of ‘C’ grade or equivalent.
8. Maximum credits awarded for transfer admission will be limited to specified courses at SUC. In case credits earned at the original institution are less than those at SUC, the lower credits will be awarded as transfer.
9. No transfer can be awarded for Capstone and protected courses of SUC.
10. Once TOC is granted and the Graduation plan is signed by the student, the student cannot challenge the TOC decision during the progression of course.
11. A student is placed in the Senior Level status only after completing all the balance courses till the junior level.
12. Incase student changes the major area of study the student will have to re-apply for TOC. Prohibit accepting credit twice for substantially the same course taken at two different institutions.
13. The grades of transferred courses will not be included while calculating the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).
14. The processing fees of TOC is non-refundable and is charged (as per applicable fee structure).
15. Transfer admission students will not be included in the toppers list.
16. TOC will be awarded to students of Higher College of Technology diploma holders on the following conditions. (This provision is made available as per the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOE) circular no.1 (amended) dated 11th March 2006).

A. The 12th standard Certificate should not be less than 50%.
B. His/her diploma should be accredited and attested by MOE or its equivalence certificate for those who graduate outside UAE.
C. To check the validity of the certificate issued by HCT and make sure that it is authentic.
D. CGPA should be 2.0 and above.
E. The student should get “C” grade and above in the following subjects: (English  /   Math   /   Computer)

F. Any other conditions followed by the institutions. Once the acceptable transfer of credits is decided, the student is informed and can then proceed for registration. Appropriate fee reduction is given for the courses granted transfer of credit.

17. Once the TOC is granted, it will be informed to student along with the graduation plan for review & consent with signature.
18. Once a student will change his/her major, process will be treated as new, thus, additional fee will be applicable as per published fees structure.
19. Once a student has joined the SUC and wish to enroll external course/s, these courses should be approved by Administration Dept. before starting the course; otherwise TOC will not be granted along with applicable fees.
20. This TOC process once approved is applicable only for the mentioned intake.
21. TOC will not be granted to conditionally enrolled student for the courses which are in offer in the 1st semester.
22. TOC students understand that even if they are left with less number of courses at any level, they cannot be granted courses from next level unless and until they have successfully completed level which they are in, as per SUC policy.
23. Fee waiver for the TOC courses granted will be applicable only on completion of the program, otherwise, the full amount must be paid.

1. For transfer from one school to other school within SUC, the TOC policy shall remain same. However, the fee structure of the new school to which the student is transferred shall be applicable.
2. In case the student was granted any scholarship / fee waiver, the percentage of scholarship / fee waiver shall remain same. However, the amount of discount shall be calculated based on the new fee structure applicable for the specific school.



Why the School of Information Technology (SOIT) at Skyline University College?

  • Educational programs approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, designed to meet job market needs.
  • State of the art learning resources that includes Skyline Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (SEIC) to foster creativity and innovation.
  • Multicultural learning environment with emphasis on non-curriculum activities through student clubs and IEEE student chapter.
  • Flexible course scheduling to suit working students including weekdays, weekend and night classes.
  • Comprehensive student follow-up system to keep track of student’s performance and to provide guidance when needed.
  • Practical & hands-on learning pedagogies that include professional certification, project based-learning and competition based-learning.
  • Excellent employment rates for graduated students achieved by our large network of industry partners, job placement office, and the Professional Development Skills Program (PSDP).

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