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School of Computing Skyling University

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


To be internationally recognized school that nurtures academic excellence, innovation, research and emerging ICT skills.



To serve industry and society by offering futuristic academic programs in the fields of Computing Sciences and Information Technology that are carefully planned, executed, and continuously improved for stimulating excellence, creativity, innovation and leadership in related areas of research and education for faculty as well as students, and to prepare graduates who will be successful professionals, be engaged in lifelong learning, and who will be committed to serve their community.



  1. To gain international recognition in the fields of Computing Sciences and Information Technology education, research, and professional development.
  2. To produce competent graduates who are ready for professional careers and who are capable of continuing their education.
  3. To have an impact on society and to be a prominent player in the local and international intellectual communities.


  1. To develop and offer academic programs in Computing Sciences and Information Technology that adhere to national and international standards in line with emerging industries and global trends.
  2. To use continuous improvement procedures in academic programs, research, learning resources and learning environment, and community service.
  3. To develop graduates who are professionally ready to compete in local and global job markets, and who are capable of continuing their education and research activities. 
  4. To enrich students' competency with effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community and the region. 
  5. To strengthen stakeholder’s involvement and extend the collaboration with renowned educational and research institutions as well as industry leaders and government agencies to arrive at an eco-system that fosters innovation and research, academic excellence, and industrial expertise for both students and faculty.