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About School of Computing

The School of Computing (SOC) at Skyline University College is a young and vibrant school offering a bachelor of Information Technology program (BSIT) with a concentration in Enterprise Computing, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program (BSCS) with two concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering.

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Enterprise Computing)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (AI and Software Engineering)

SOC includes the latest facilities and best learning resources compromising of state of the art computer labs, well equipped classrooms, innovation center, convenient library with hundreds of online books and journals, robotics excremental facility, and students’ activity hall.

Computer Labs

  • Network & Security Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Ai & Machine Learning Lab
  • IOT & Robotics Lab

With a team of highly qualified faculty members, SOC applies the best teaching and learning pedagogies along with the latest teaching methods including Systemic, Constructivist, Collaborative approaches. Faculty members are also encouraged to apply different methods of learning such project-based, competition-based, research based, and flip classroom methods.

Learning Pedagogies

  • Research Based
  • Project Based
  • Competition Based
  • Flip Classrooms
  • Collaborative Approaches

With its online learning capabilities which include Moodle LMS, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, virtual and simulation lab tools, and the content development and multi-media facilities, SOC was ready to deliver its courses online without any interruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and will continue to offer students the best of resources for online learning. A number of SCORM compatible courses have been developed as a result of the collaboration of SOC and the Learning Resources Division, are readily available for use by students.

Library Resources

  • ProQuest
  • IGI Global
  • E-Book Central
  • American Marketing Association

Students can benefit from the certification program where professional training and certification are integrated with a selected number of courses. There are currently more than fifteen different certifications for students to choose from, in addition to at least five career paths sponsored by Coursera Platform.

The school of Computing has a subscription with Pearson MyLab & Vital Source, and McGraw-Hill, where the entire materials of courses are available for students including text books, study material, and exercises.

Online Resources

  • Pearson MyLab
  • Moodle LMS
  • Coursera
  • McGraw-Hill

Students are also encouraged to participate in curricula and non-curricula activities, seminars, workshops, competitions, and conferences. Students at SOC can Join the IEEE student chapter, and can benefit from the numerous activities, seminars, and training courses.

TiE Dubai Competition



“Foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation. “



They are also encouraged to present their projects and novel ideas at the innovation and entrepreneurial center with full support from the administration of Skyline University. Soc students participate regularly in international competitions such as Hult Prize, TiE, and Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Students’ Competitions


  • IEEE Student Innovation
  • Hult Prize Competition
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup


SOC continuously updates its curricula to make sure they are always in line with latest Ministry of Education Standards and requirements. An annual program review is accomplished by SOC and Quality Assurance office to assure that all programs follow the Ministry Accreditation Commission Guidelines, International Accreditation bodies such as ABET, UAE Vision initiatives, industry needs and latest advancements in technology, in addition to local and international needs and initiatives. The BSIT program at SOC was recently accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) which the is the most recognized accreditation body worldwide.


  • All programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education
  • BSIT program is Accredited by ABET

In the past few years, SOC has been focusing on scientific research and innovation. A research policy has been approved aiming at boosting quality research by providing faculty members with generous sponsorship, incentives, and rewards. Faculty members are also encouraged to share their research with students in class to motivate them to undertake research in the future. Skyline University takes every aspect of research into consideration including publication, conferences, innovation and entrepreneurship, patenting, social responsibilities and priorities, collaboration with top institutions, and participation in joint projects.


  • Patents
  • Journal Publication
  • Funded Projects
  • Book publication
  • Conference Organization
  • Research workshops

In conclusion, the School of Computing is an energetic entity of Skyline University that works hard to offer its constituents with best quality services with a clear mission that is achieved through the development of sound academic computing programs, following well defined continuous improvement procedures, development of well-rounded and competent graduates who are ready to serve their community, and through maintaining collaboration channels with industry as well as national and international research and academic institutions.