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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Concentration in Enterprise Computing


Skyline University College undergraduate program leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree is equipped to meet the needs of dynamic information technology environments. The program focuses on providing graduates with competencies and skills required to design, build, test and apply information technology solutions for organizations.

Program Goals
  1. To improve skills in professional communication, problem-solving, and numerical capabilities for decision-making. 
  2. To develop an understanding of the theory and complexities of information technology towards application and benefit of the organization and society at large  
  3. To develop an understanding of the legal, ethical, and security issues associated with information technology in the workplace and society.
  4. To develop higher order thinking and competitive skills and competencies of students through meaningful industry interaction, thereby improving their employability.
  5. To provide a conducive value based learning environment to the students during their study and inculcate a habit of lifelong independent learning for continuous growth and development 


Business Analyst

Database Administrator

IT Project Manager

Technical Support Specialist

Typical Job Titles

Enterprise System Engineer

Field Support Engineer

Computing Platform Manager

Information systems manager

IT consultant

Solutions Architect

Web developer

Web designer

Security/Risk/Compliance Manager

Network Administrator


Code Course Credits Prerequisite
General Education Courses
C1S1003Introduction to Information Technology None 
ENG1001 English  None 
GEN1001 Core Life Skills and Happiness None 
MAT1004 Mathematics – INone 
GEN1002 UAE Society None 
ENG1102 Business CommunicationENG1001 
HUM1001 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving None 
MAT1105 Mathematics - IIMAT1004  
GEN2008 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & SustainabilityNone
GEN2004 General ScienceNone 
GEN2005 / GEN2006Basic Arabic / Advanced Arabic None 
GEN2007 Islamic CultureNone 
TOTAL 36  
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Financial Support

In 2022, 56% graduate students received financial support towards their tuition fees.

Financial Support Options:

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

Youth Empowerment Scholarships

Tuition Discount for Sponsored Undergraduates




Prof. Ghassan Issa

Professor Dean School of Computing

Prof. Ammar AlMomani

Professor, Head of Research and Innovation

Dr. Manas Ranjan Pradhan

Associate Professor

Dr. Alaa Momani

Assistant Professor, Asscociate Dean

Dr. Beenu Mago

Assistant Professor

Dr. Waleed Alomoush

Assistant Professor