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Skyline University College (SUC) has launched a new initiative for budding sports talent boys and girls through Sports Sponsorship Program in AY 22-23. 

AED 5 million (Five million) is allocated in the form of sponsorship to 100 Expatriate students of all nationalities residing in UAE.

Sports Sponsorship Program is open to 100 expatriate students residing in UAE for the AY 2022-2023 who has been an active member of the school team for any sports activity. The student must have competed and represented the school team in an inter-school level sports competition at the local or international level. Through this initiative, SUC wants to recognize sports talent and enable them to also pursue their higher education along with their passion for sports. SUC will also provide students an opportunity to compete at the local and regional level of various sports competitions as a port of SUC team and coaching facility for selected sports activities.

Aside from the sponsorship fund, SUC will also assist students in finding employment while completing their studies with Skyline, one of the leading private universities in the UAE with 32 years of Academic Excellence and Teaching environment. Skyline with its strong Corporate & Government linkages will create opportunities and platforms for not only job opportunities but also to become an entrepreneur and be able to create jobs.

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Terms and Condition

Activation of Sports Sponsorship program regards fees for the sponsorship documents with the below rules:
  1. Non-local only
  2. Any nationality
  3. Both ( Male & Female) athletes
  4. As for now, will activate this for UAE residences only
  5. A letter from the school team or the club, as the student played officially in the games.
  6. The Ministry and SUC admission rules are applicable.  

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