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MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Scholarship

Skyline University College has been one of the pioneers in awarding scholarships through MOU, enabling the community at large to pursue higher education. The SUC always maintain a long-term relationship with various Government, Social Clubs & private sector. This MOU based scholarship are available for all employees/prospective students from various government departments, Consulate and Embassies, Social Clubs, Schools, and corporate sectors. The immediate family members of the employees also can apply for this scholarship.

Members holding cards from Esaad, Waffer, Homat AL Watan, Fazaa, Adnoc, Absher or Saada are eligible to apply for this category. Students who have above 70% High school grades (UAE Curriculum or its equivalent) can apply for the scholarship by providing a card copy, letter of recommendation and meet all admission requirements.


Scholarships offered for Bachelors Programs in UAE

Skyline University College provides a wide range of scholarships and sponsorships in the UAE, the following are the types of scholarships: