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Knowledge update and Industry update at Skyline University College (SUC) is an online platform for communicating knowledge with SUC stakeholders, industry, and the outside world about the current trends of business development, technology, and social changes. The platform helps in branding SUC as a leading institution of updated knowledge base and in encouraging faculties, students, and others to create and contribute under different streams of domain and application. The platform also acts as a catalyst for learning and sharing knowledge in various areas.

Baby monkeys grow faster to avoid infanticide

Toronto, March 18 (IANS) Some baby monkeys develop faster than others in the same population, and this is best explained by the threat of infanticide they face from adult males, says a study.

"Infanticide occurs in many animals, including carnivores like lions and bears, rodents like mice, and in primates," said lead researcher Iulia Badescu from University of Toronto."Typically, an adult male kills an infant sired by another male so that he can mate with the mother and sire his own infants with her," Badescu noted.
In this study that appeared online in the journal Animal Behaviour, the researchers looked at infant development in wild ursine colobus monkeys. Black-and-white colobus includes several species of medium-sized monkeys found throughout equatorial Africa. 
They have black bodies with white hair that sometimes forms a bushy white beard and sideburns, or can extend down the back like a 'cape' and down the tail.
Colobus babies are born pure white and their coat colour changes to grey after a few weeks before turning black-and-white between two and five months. The researchers were intrigued by the fact that infants varied in the age at which their coats became grey, and then black and white. 

They also realised that these colour transitions were helpful to track the development of the infants, in a non-intrusive fashion.Earlier research at the study site, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary in Ghana, established that some scenarios are more likely to lead to infanticide by males. Groups with multiple males, for example, have more instances of infanticide.

The team observed nine groups of ursine colobus monkeys in the wild over a period of eight years (2007 to 2014). 
"We found that infants facing a greater risk of infanticide developed faster than infants facing lesser risk," Pascale Sicotte, professor at University of Calgary in Canada, explained.​

Sony buys out Michael Jackson's stake in joint music venture

​Los Angeles, March 15 (IANS) Sony Corporation has reached an agreement with the estate of Michael Jackson to acquire the interest of the late King of Pop in their joint music business for $750 million.

Bourses rate firms with women board members higher

​London, March 13 (IANS) Companies that have women on their driving seat are highly valued by investors and shareholders, finds a new study.

Firms with women on their executive and supervisory boards are rated high on the bourses as a result of the few women who climbed to the top of the career ladder in

New bug makes millions of Android devices vulnerable to hacking

London, March 17 (IANS) Sending a message to millions of Android users that their devices are vulnerable to virus attack, a team of researchers has successfully exploited the Android-based "Stagefright" bug and remotely hacked a smartphone.

Japan develops sensor to detect viruses in five minutes

​Tokyo, March 15 (IANS) Japanese electronics giant Toshiba in collaboration with Osaka University has developed a sensor that detects infectious viruses in five minutes, the media reported on Tuesday.

New 'social' robot can teach better than humans

New York, March 15 (IANS) A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is working on a new social robot that is helping students learn through personalised interactions.

Get ready for new Adobe design tool

​New Delhi, March 15 (IANS) US software major Adobe on Tuesday announced the immediate availability of an early release of its much anticipated user experience (UX) design and prototyping solution Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview).

Say goodbye to curtains as 'smart' windows are here

​New York, March 15 (IANS) Researchers from Harvard University have developed a technique that can quickly change the opacity of a window, turning it cloudy, clear or somewhere in between with the flick of a switch.

Google Maps to make navigation easy in Metros

​New Delhi, March 16 (IANS) In a bid to make navigation around big cities easy, search engine giant Google on Wednesday updated its Google Maps app that now shows a dedicated tab with information for cab services in addition to the existing driving, public transport or walking options.

Twitter officially launches app for Windows 10 smartphones

​New York, March 17 (IANS) Effectively updating its universal Windows app to support desktops and tablets, micro-blogging website Twitter has launched its app for Windows 10 smartphones, a media report said.