HP rumoured to launch new smartphone in 2017

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​New York, Nov 19 (IANS) After it launched the HP Elite x3 smartphone in 2016 which was not quite successful, HP is planning to launch another Windows Phone handset in 2017. The company is rumoured to have teamed up with Microsoft for the release of a more customer-focused Windows Phone probably in February 2017, Phone Arena reported. It is believed that HP will develop and sell the smartphone, while Microsoft will offer budget for the same. Microsoft may also provide HP with technology that was used inside Lumia smartphones. "Features like Glance, ClearBlack display, double tap to wake, and advanced camera functionality will be implemented in the HP's Windows Phone handset," the report added. Sources said that that Microsoft has already revealed a new Windows 10 Mobile handset this week in Redmond, and is expected to be officially announced in February 2017. But certain details of the launch were not yet confirmed.
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