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The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

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Social Media means engaging people to create videos or thoughts or share them with others using virtual network. Social Media started with simple platforms such as GeoCities, launched in November 1994, and in 1995 and then in 1997 (Wikipedia, 2022)

 During the 21st century, different platforms came to the market such as Facebook, YouTube and now TikTok. Social Media were used as a fast way to communicate with people and meet new friends. With the vast expansion of platforms, companies have started using them for advertising, marketing, promoting and selling products. It is believed that marketing on social media has great benefits. First, it increases the visibility of products to customers. Also, customers decide faster which product to buy. On top, it is easier to have a relationship between sellers and buyers. Finally, sellers will have better view about their products and how to improve sales, prices, quality, quantity, and most importantly, how customers feel about their products through online feedback. Sellers will know who is interested on their products according to age, gender and country. Shopping now is much easier for people with less effort. Social media help advertisers to target specific people, depending on their interests. Figure 1 generally shows social platform use per demographic group. (Sherman, 2022) 



Social Media platforms are famous nowadays and almost everyone, who is connected to the internet, uses at least one platform if not more. According to The Social Media Demographics Guide magazine, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users during 2022, while Snapchat has the least number of users with only 381 million. (Khoros Platform, 2022)
Apart from using social media for business, there is another important feature, communication. People meet new people and make new friendships. The good thing about social media is that people can make good relationships from different countries. This makes the world a village as everything is close.

On top, there is no need to buy paper magazines or newspapers; all you have to do is search for the news you want and read it for free. This has resulted in the loss of about 30,000 newspaper jobs to disappear for the sake of social media appearance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 1990 and 2016 (O’leary, 2022). But it has also saved the planet of consuming a lot of paper. You can actually write your own comment about articles and discuss it with others. Reading news has never been easier than now. Apart from reading news, one can post links of famous websites, online books or find jobs posts through such media.
Lastly, social media platforms give the advantage of posting photos and videos and share them with others for free. People can also play online games and communicate with other players through chat or voice.
Social media platforms have a huge impact on people’s daily routine lives. I believe social media can greatly help everyone to succeed if they use them properly. It can also be destructive if abused.


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