Tata launches indigenous TAL Brabo industrial robots

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​Mumbai, April 11 (IANS) India's first industrial-articulated robots in different sizes targeted at micro, small and medium enterprises besides large-scale manufacturers, to help increase their efficiency, were launched by Tata Motors Ltd here on Tuesday.

The TAL Brabo, weighing 2-10 kg, and costing between Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 7,00,000 are designed to increase productivity by 15-30 per cent and a payback time of around 15-18 months.

The robots have been developed indigenously by TAL Manufacturings, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd, under a new technology partnership with RTA Motion Control Systems, Italy, for motors and drives.

Designed and styled in-house at TAL Manufacturing and Tata Elxsi, respectively, Tata AutoComp produced some of the critical component used in the robot.

Conceptualised to complement human workforce and perform repetitive high volume, dangerous and time-consuming tasks, the TAL Brabo robots can be deployed across industries, said TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd Chairman and non-executive director R.S. Thakur.

He said it has been successfully tested with over 50 customer workstreams and now the company is prepared to supply them to several sectors including automotive, light engineering, precision machining, electronics, software testing, plastics, logistics, education, aerospace and engineering, simplifying industrial manufacturing, improving quality and productivity.

"With TAL Brabo, we have taken a quantum leap in revolutionising industrial manufacturing in India. We call it Robolution because of its power to revolutionise industrial manufacturing," Thakur said.

He said TAL Manufacturing would continue to develop and leverage innovative technologies along with a new partnership with RTA Motion Control Systems, Italy, for critical components in the TAL Brabo robot.

The company's COO Amit Bhingurde said the TAL Brabo can be used to bring in efficiencies right from raw material handling till packaging of the finished products, can be programmed to operate 24/7 in all situations for continuous productions with high degree of flexibility and to perform complex functions cost effectively.

"These robots can be used for applications like pick and placement of materials, assembly of parts, machine and press tending, as a sealing application, camera and vision-based jobs, etc, and can complement workforce by taking over dull, dangerous or monotonous jobs," Bhingurde said.

The TAL Brabo complies with requirements relevant to European health, safety and environmental legislation, permitting exports to Europe, he added.

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