Microsoft showcases cloud-based solutions for digital transformation

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​New Delhi, Dec 12 (IANS) In a bid to digitally transform the Indian manufacturing industry, Microsoft on Monday showcased three Internet of Things (IoT) solutions here.

The three solutions that are powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud are offered by three startups -- Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis Technologies -- to help manufacturing

industries develop digital and predictive insights.

"Our complete suite of technology solutions including Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence Suite and IoT solutions suite as well as our partners are capable of supporting any manufacturer of any size transform digitally," Narendra Bhandari, General Manager (Developer Experience) Microsoft, told reporters here.

Covacsis helps build tailor-made customer experiences by harnessing data and draw actionable insights to achieve a segment of one.

"Our solution is agnostic to sectors and automation profile of manufacturers. Covacsis's Integrated Plant Framework (IPF) transforms a factory into digital factory in less than six weeks without any capital expenditure," said Tarun Mishra, CEO, Covacsis Technologies.

Precimetrix offers IoT and analytics to enable real-time process management and actionable analytics to improve productivity.

To enable companies to connect with their fixed or mobile infrastructure and analyse the data streams emanating from them, Teramatrix offers an IoT software platform.

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