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Dubai Expo 2020: An Ocean of Business Opportunities Shouting from Rooftop… Come Take a Dip!

Dubai Expo 2020: An Ocean of Business Opportunities Shouting from Rooftop… Come Take a Dip!

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The general assembly of Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) at Paris awarded Dubai the hosting of world expo which is now popularly known to UAE residents as Dubai Expo 2020.

This expo offers tremendous opportunities to the UAE government in terms of fostering key areas of the economy. Experts believe that UAE will witness an influx of huge sum of money and investments from the expo visitors and investors as well. As Dubai has been known for offering picturesque venues and magnificent facilities for major events in the past, beautification drive and preparations are in full swing in Dubai this time too. The only difference is that this time, Dubai is preparing at a colossal level and soon the world will see a grand and lovely Dubai as if it were designed in an artist’s dream. 


Recognizing the visible benefits, investments are being made by the government and by the major industry players in several fields who look forward to making Dubai Expo the greatest event world has ever seen. However, what is yet to be seen is the aggressiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in gearing up for the business opportunities that are going to arise. It is strongly advisable for small businesses to start contemplating the ways to generate handsome revenue from the expo and related activities. In order to do so, the following suggestions are made to the small and medium-sized businesses (useful for MNCs too!) operative in the UAE and neighboring ally countries:

1. Start putting Dubai Expo 2020 logo on your website, office signage and on hoardings drawing the attention of investor’s team members who will be visiting UAE before the event scouting for potential networks and for scheduling key meetings to be held during the event.

2. Develop some new products by taking the expo theme into consideration. For example, fast food joints can launch "Expo Burger" with some additions in the regular Burgers they sell at the moment. 

3. Develop some promotional schemes exclusively named as "Expo offer" and publicize it heavily using the power of social media. 

4. Prepare a list of name/types of clients/investors/partners/markets you would like to get associated with. Start connecting with them through social media by sharing expo invitations and by posting engaging content drawing their attention from now itself.  

5. Be ready for the contingencies like there will be a high demand for hotel rooms, taxi services, etc. during the expo with imminent chances of prices skyrocketing. Also, for example, all of a sudden, your workers might find more lucrative opportunities at other places. So, have the readiness to maintain your capacities for the period of the event. 


For more information or for further advisory/consulting services on new product development or how to tap certain markets, business houses are welcome to request for Expo specific consultancy (pre-expo business strategies, during expo business strategies, post-expo business strategies) from Skyline faculty members.