Cross cultural Product Symbolism among Indian Expatriates In UAE

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​Consumer buying process does not always consider economic rationale, product utility, functional performance and is sometimes not even subject to price sensitivity. Instead it is based on social acceptability, perceptible status and is used as a tool of symbolic communication with their immediate neighborhood and social groups to seek affiliation and create impression management.

Product symbolism as an impression management is closely linked to perceived social class, length of stay in foreign country, incremental earning capacity, type of occupation, position in occupational hierarchy and consumption mix (standard package).

This paper tries to examine the empirical evidence of the concept of consumption mix (standard package) among Indian expatriates in UAE and suggests that variations exist in standard packages between the types of occupation, occupational status, period of stay and religion. The study will help marketers to segment the expatriate Indian market, based on occupation, length of stay and religion and to identify the products that are used to symbolize their status.

Author: Dr. Sudhakar Kota
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