WinMagic introduces security solution for virtual machines

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​New Delhi, April 6 (IANS) Data security company WinMagic on Wednesday introduced a security software that encrypts virtual machines running on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms in India.

"SecureDoc CloudVM is an enterprise encryption solution that offers support for Windows-based platforms running in public, private and hybrid cloud environments through application aware intelligent key management," WinMagic said in a statement.

The solution increases visibility and strengthens data security within virtual environments by controlling the encryption key management system across a vast array of layers including endpoints, file servers, virtual servers, enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) instances, the company said.

SecureDoc CloudVM’s application aware intelligent key management capability alleviates the problems associated with protecting multiple encrypted layers and managing associated keys and credentials by providing unique key and policy management for virtualised workloads.

“As more and more organisations turn to cloud adoption for a cost-effective approach to scalability and efficiency in the workplace, there is an increasing focus on the lack of proper data security across public, private and hybrid cloud environments,” said James LaPalme, vice president-cloud solutions at WinMagic.

“SecureDoc CloudVM alleviates the anxiety associated with storing business critical data in the cloud. Through a cloud-agnostic approach to encryption, WinMagic is giving the control of key management back to the IT department, all while ensuring the protection and security of data stored in virtualized workloads,” he added.​

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