Twitter lets you find your popular conversations

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New York, Nov 30 (IANS) To make the most relevant replies appear on the top of a tweet thread, Twitter has added a "reply counter" and a "conversation ranking" to its mobile app.

The two features will not change the way users use Twitter but they will not be able to read the replies in a chronological order, ENGADGET reported on Wednesday.

With the "Conversation ranking" feature, those threads which the original poster replies to will appear on the top. Also, the replies from those you follow will appear on the top.

So that a user may understand the context of a conversation, this feature of Twitter will group the replies into sub-conversations based on their context.

"The new direct 'reply counter' is exactly what it sounds like: the reply button under any given tweet will now show how many users have directly replied to that tweet," the report noted.

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