Red Hat launches OpenShift Dedicated solution on Google Cloud

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New York, Dec 9 (IANS) Global open source solution provider Red Hat on Friday launched its "OpenShift Dedicated" solution -- a cloud-based service targeting enterprise IT and development teams -- on the Google Cloud Platform.

The enterprise customers can use Red Hat's platform to build, launch and manage applications on "OpenShift Dedicated" with Google Cloud Platform as their underlying cloud infrastructure.

"By expanding 'OpenShift Dedicated' to now include Google Cloud Platform, our customers' apps that run on 'OpenShift Dedicated' can also take advantage of Google Cloud Services, furthering our vision for a truly portable platform across the multiple cloud and infrastructure platforms," said Ashesh Badani, Vice President (OpenShift) Red Hat, in a statement.

"OpenShift Dedicated" on Google Cloud Platform will be available for users with a valid Red Hat OpenShift Container platform subscription.

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