Oracle to fast-track business opportunities for clients

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San Francisco, June 21 (IANS) To help customers make a smooth transition to the Cloud with proven enterprise applications, Oracle Partner Network (OPN) on Tuesday unveiled Oracle Cloud platform ready for the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

The new offering enables ISV partners to quickly register and publish their Oracle Cloud-compatible applications on the Oracle "Cloud Marketplace", allowing them to fast-track new business opportunities in the cloud.

"Any new product we develop will go to the 'Oracle Cloud Marketplace' first. We envision in the future that most of our customers will research, validate and request our solutions directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace," Charles Farnell, CEO of Ventureforth, said in a statement.

Ventureforth is Oracle's platinum partner and provides products and services for Oracle-based applications and implementations.

Any partner application that supports an Oracle Cloud compatible operating system or technology product can run on Oracle Cloud without the need for rewrite and at no additional cost.

To speed time-to-market, partners can quickly request access to Oracle Cloud Specialists and other technical resources directly from the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready registration.

In addition to quick access to "Oracle Cloud Marketplace" and development resources, partners engaging in the new offering will have the benefit of being able to reach Oracle’s expansive customer base, field sales, 25,000 global partners and 15 million developers through enhanced marketing and promotion efforts.​

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