Now remotely access Kaspersky Lab's Password Manager app

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​Moscow, Feb 16 (IANS) Russia-based software security company Kaspersky Lab on Thursday launched an updated version of its Password Manager app that offers users remote access to their passwords through their personal page on the My Kaspersky portal.

Kaspersky Password Manager stores all passwords, credit card details and address and encrypts them all under one master password.

The updated version offers automatic security verification for entered passwords, voice control and other useful features.

"It's hard to create and memorise a strong password for every account. However, there are apps designed for such situations. They can generate strong passwords that are different for different services, store them securely, synchronise them on various devices and automatically enter them in forms on websites," said Elena Kharchenko, Head of Consumer Product Management, Kaspersky Lab.

New MacBook Pro users can also replace the master password with a fingerprint.

A recent survey conducted by the Kaspersky lab revealed that over 22 per cent people also admitted to writing their passwords down in a notepad to help remember them. Even if a password is strong, this leaves the user vulnerable because other people may see and use it.

The research noted that people use the same password for multiple accounts, meaning that if one password is leaked, several accounts can be hacked.

Almost one in five persons have faced an account hacking attempt but only a few have effective and cyber-savvy password security in place

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