Disruption Due to Digitization

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Digitalization is the use of technologies and digital skills. Digitization has entered almost every sector of economy and social life. Traditional practices are changing to include technology in every activity. Disruptions (changes)have been accelerated due to the covid19 pandemic. Here some of the sectors, where disruption has penetrated have been described.

Educational Sector

With the emerging attraction for talent, educational structure is changing from “going to college to get a good job “to “going to job to get a college degree”. Orientation and training have been replaced by boot camps, simulations and learning modules. Higher education is no more with the traditional culture of social development. On the other hand, barriers like bad weather, health condition and high cost of living in nearby locality of universities, will no longer prevent students from acquiring a degree. The new tools to acquire education are - availability of Wi-Fi, software applications for practical learning, digital library, electronic storage and display devices etc. Webinars, e-certifications, e-appreciation and online convocation ceremonies are the social events of university ambience.

School students are able to afford creative education, trips to zoo & aquarium and participate in activities with peer group for personality grooming without travelling.

Social Sector

Digitization has penetrated social sector as well to create disruptions. Relatives are still bonded but with E-Greetings, E-Invitation, E-Gifts along with weddings held over zoom leading to disruptive cultural effects.


Real Estate

Virtual reality has created stunning disruption in Real Estate business with 3D real estate tours, display of innovative home furnishing and ecofriendly products. Space as a service platform, smart building Apps and smart building IoT devices will be added values provided by real estate agents.

Banking Sector

Disruptive innovations in currency, Neo bank startups, Fintech services and innovative banking product design are now an emerging area of focus.


Medical Sector

In the field of medicine, COVID 19 has proved an accelerator to disrupt he medical sector. The below are few instances of disruptions in the medical industry.

Robots are placed in pharmacies to provide medicines. Telemetry, and Augmented reality surgeries have come to live. IoT devices are providing Real Time alert and used in the treatment of patients in ICU. Artificial Intelligence is used in the treatment of chronic diseases. The verge of 3D printing in dental services have its own presence.

Travel and entertainment Sector

Adapting to new marketing strategies, the travel and entertainment industry is re- platforming to provide integrated entertainment. Staying ahead of guest expectations, providing personal control over travel experiences and VR tour of their destinations is now the norm in travel industry.

Disruptions are  not limited to above ,but can be adopted to many more business areas  in the process of digitization where  governments should work strategically to remove digital inequality .The need of Hour is not only to adapt to shifting  but also to perceived and sense outcomes through innovation, awareness and marketing.

Dr. Karamath Ateeq
Author: Dr. Karamath Ateeq

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