After 'disastrous' Tay, Microsoft to release another chatbot

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​New York, Dec 6 (IANS) After a disastrous launch of its previous chatbot Tay, Microsoft is reportedly releasing another artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot named 'Zo' on the social messaging app 'Kik', reports said on Tuesday.

According to technology website MSPoweruser, Microsoft is yet to officially announce 'Zo' but it was spotted by a Twitter user.

The app is believed to come to Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat once it's officially announced.

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched AI-powered chatbot called 'Tay' but it soon caused controversy with its racist and unpleasent comments, causing the technology giant to pull off the product.

"Zo is essentially a censored Tay or an English-variant of Microsoft's Chinese chatbot Xiaoice," MSPoweruser reported.

At the initial launch of the app, the chatbot does a "super abbreviated personality test" in which it asks if the user would rather study in school or learn from experience.

'Zo' does not discuss the political topics with users and instead says, "People can say some awful things when talking politics so I do not discuss."

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