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The study was conducted to determine the work ethics, values and performance of the Officers, specifically the

Non-Commissioned Officers of the 601st (Unifier) Brigade, 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division of the Philippine Army. The results served as bases for designing an enhanced officer's development program. The descriptive method was used in the study. The researcher conducted documentary analysis of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) records that were already declassified and made available for research work. A self-made questionnaire was developed, validated, and administered to the officer respondents. An interview guide was also developed by the researcher. The statistical tool used in the treatment and measurement of data gathered were the weighted mean and Pearsons'r .Findings of the study revealed that in the area of work ethical practices, the officers of the 601st (Unifier) Brigade, specifically the non-commissioned officers show a high degree of adherence in the areas to include military leadership, protocol, customs and traditions, and AFP creed. It is in the area of decision making where the officers need the most improvement which received only an above average adherence. In terms of work values, the officers specifically the non-commissioned officers perception rating were all very important. This variables includes honor, loyalty, solidarity, valor, and duty. It is in the area of honor were the result is only very satisfactory, yet the difference is insignificant. The researcher included all these indicators in the development plan for the officers specifically the non-commissioned officers. In the area of performance, the findings revealed an excellent performance in almost all variables expect one which is stress tolerance. This result was attributed to the condition that officers specifically the non-commissioned officers still feel the pressure and tension long after their combat duties. Using Pearson's r procedures, it showed that there is a significant relationship existing between ethics, values and performance. The study therefore concluded that the officers specifically the non-commissioned officers of the 601st (Unifier) Brigade  highly adheres to the work ethical practices, considers work values as very important, and that their performances are considered excellent.The researcher recommends that the officers specifically the non-commissioned officers must be given additional input or trainings in the areas of decision-making, all variables of work values and in stress tolerance. These trainings should be conducted regularly.

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