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The Sanguine CEO during COVID-19

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The CEO addresses the employees of his organization during the pandemic and makes a genuine effort to motivate them. He also envisions a productive and more successful organization in the forthcoming times. Some excerpts of the speech are here…

“Good afternoon my dear executives. How are you doing today? So you know the current times. You know these are difficult, demanding and challenging times.  That’s the new normal! It has questioned our own existence, our methods of working, the way we think, the way we act, the way we use technology, the way we treat ourselves and others - everything has been questioned by these turbulent times!”

“…So what have you thought about yourselves? Have you been stressed? Have you had anxiety? Were you thinking that life is getting difficult? Were you thinking about your job? I am sure many of you were thinking what will happen if my company lays me off? What is going to happen if my company is cutting down on the number of people and their salaries – and my salary gets slashed by 25%? How am I going to sustain? How am I going to run my family? What would be the future of our company? Some of you are worried – will I fit in in the new norm? Will my skills be enough to save my job in the future? Will I be part of the team and this small family in the future or not? So many questions might have occurred to you during the last 3-4 months. These are haunting questions for everyone across the globe. You are still thinking what will happen to my promotion? What will happen to my increment? What will happen to the targets that I have met in the past? Well these questions should be answered today. Let me console and motivate you as the CEO of this company that all these questions for you about you have positive answers.”

The CEO gives them solutions…

“Did you think about doing web-based courses and certifications to increase your skills? If not, go ahead and do. I’m sure these will enhance your skills and make you learn new technologies. These skills are going to take you a long way because you know that “tough times don’t last – only tough people do”! So let’s be tough. Even I completed several courses as I understand that if I have to carry a vision for this organization I should know what is unknown, what to expect 5 years down the line, what skills I need to run the organization along with you.”

“My dear colleagues, it is very important that you build yourself, your happiness, your health, and work around balancing your family, your life, and this job, so that you can be more productive, more efficient while you are trying to work. See your inner strengths, your inner pillars, what brings you more courage and makes you more productive! Can I be more productive, can I be more efficient, can I bring more business, can I identify new areas of operation, can I sell more, and can I make new products or services? What can I do to enhance the face of this organization – think about it!”

“This discussion lays the foundation of our future. Please remember that we are here to see that we build better lives, we be more productive, we be more knowledgeable we have better skills and we bring improvement not only in our own lives but also an enhancement in this organization. So my dear executives best wishes to each one you and I’m very confident that you are going to make yourself proud, healthy and happier and of course, in turn, make this organization a more fruitful, productive, more efficient and more successful organization. Thank you and best wishes to each of you!”

The CEO receives a round of applause!