Strategic HRD in modern organizations

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It has been observed that hiring talented people may not give long term benefits to the organizations. Strategic HRD with special focus on training and development can give productive results for long term orientations. For example, investing in young intellectuals and average employees through focused training and development processes can get any organization into proper direction

Japanese style of investing in your employees and helping them for long term basis has given good results since ages. Other models of long term and short term recruitment are also feasible but training young employees and preparing them for long term employment should be organizational strategy.

Focusing on leadership strategies or motivational models may be good, but strategic HRD with particular reference to training and development may help organizations in achieving long term and short term goals. Every strategy whether leadership, HR, marketing, finance are in practice in many organizations, but all of such can be well aligned with sensible strategic HRD practices. The word sensible strategic HRD is already in practice in many organizations. Strategic HRD is a proven management technique especially in today's diversified world. 


Author: Dr. Nadir Ali Kolachi
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