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Students Innovation project

Recently, Skyline students Tasneem, Nirmal Kumar, Mir Arafat, and Mohammed Arif, along with faculty member Dr. Kakul Agha, received certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for showcasing their innovation projects called “Chew-in-time” and “HeyFund.”

Skyline University College encourages its students to participate in such events to nurture innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in students. 


SUC and TYV Organized the 5th CrossFire Competition

Skyline University College and The Young Vision organized the 5th Crossfire Debating Competition on February 12, 2020. This year, 72 students from 18 schools across the UAE participated in the competition and debated on the topic: “Will Robots Ever Rule the World?” Al Ansar International (Girls) was the champion, Al Kamal International School Al Azra was the 1st Runner Up, and Providence English School was declared the 2nd Runner Up.

CrossFire is an annual event hosted by Skyline to promote the public-speaking skills of students and create a platform for intellectual interactions.



15th CEO Lecture Series with Dubai Refreshment CEO

It was an evening of learning at SUC campus on February 10, 2020 when Mr. Tarek El Sakka, CEO of Dubai Refreshment, gave a talk for the 15th Edition of the CEO Lecture Series. Mr. El Sakka shared his journey to success, business strategy, and plans for his organization during the Q&A session with Skyline faculty member Dr. Kakul Agha.

The CEO Lecture Series is a regular talk conducted by SUC to expose students to the professional and entrepreneurial world and to inspire them to be leaders of tomorrow. The talk was made possible through the efforts of SUC’s Corporate Affairs Office.


School Visit and Breast Cancer Seminar with RMMC Students

Skyline, through its Community Services Commitee headed by the Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Osama Ali Thawabeh, organized a workshop for the College of Education student interns from Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, Philippines, on February 6, 2020. Dr. Ali Thawabeh and Dr. Ajith Kumar, Dean for the School of Business, welcomed the 19 students, Mr. Kristoffer Franz Millado, RMMC President; Dr. Analisa Amada, the Dean for the College of Education; and Dr. Marichu P. Diendo, Director for Research & Development Office and Chairman for Accreditation.

Dr. Deepak Kalra, the Dean for SUC School of IT, gave an informative workshop on innovation and disruption, Dr. Sharon Mendoza-Dreisbach, faculty member, gave an interactive seminar on breast cancer, Dr. Ajith talked about Boot Camp, and Mr. Mohammad Rashid, Head of Corporate Affairs Office and Centre for Continuing Learning (CCL), talked about CCL and its professional courses.  At the end of the workshop, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mohammad In’airat awarded certificates of appreciation to the participants. Students were also given a tour around the campus by Mr. Roel Pulangco, CCL Assistant.

The workshop was part of SUC’s CSR initiatives to give back to society through education.


SUC Book Club "Book Hunt" Activity

Congratulations to the winners of the “Book Hunt” contest organized by the Library Department as a part of SUC Book Club activity. The contest ran from January 19 until January 30, 2020.

Faculty members Ms. Nadine Felix and Mr. Mahmoud Mohammad Mahmoud Alsakhnini presented the prizes to the lucky winners on February 03, 2020.

Here are the star winners:

1st Prize: Samir Rashed Yousef, ACCA

2nd Prize: Akif Saleem, BBA         

3rd Prize: Raheem Ullah, BBA      

SUC Held a Boot Camp for Students from India

The Skyline community welcomed the students from the Firebird Institute for Research in Management, India, for a week-long boot camp which started on January 25, 2020.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mohammad In’airat extended a warm welcome to the participants before the sessions that were conducted by the deans and faculty members. Students learned about UAE as a tourist destination from Dr. Mohit Vij; Dr. Kakul Agha gave sessions on the Concept of Entrepreneurship and Management Game, Concept and Functionalities of a Business Plan, and the Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship; Dr. Ajith Kumar, Dean for the School of Business, discussed the Concept of Entrepreneurship and Management Game; Dr. Deepak Kalra, the Dean for the School of IT, gave a session on Machine Learning, Emerging Trends in IT - Big Data Analytics, and Digital Transformation of Business. Dr. Osama Ali Thawabeh, the Dean for Student Affairs, introduced the UAE culture.  Faculty members Dr. Sakthivel A.M. talked about E-Business Models, while Dr. Taleb Eli and Ms. Nadine Felix gave sessions on Culture and Gender in Business. Dr. Petr Svoboda, Dr. Agha, and Dr. Kumar taught the participants how to do business plan presentations.

The boot camp concluded with a valedictory function and feedback sessions presided by Dr. In’airat, along with Mr. Rakesh Gaur, Director for Marketing and Communications, and Mr. Rasheed Khalid, Head of Corporate Affairs Office and Centre for Continuing Learning, along with Dr. Deepak, and Dr. Ajith.

Skyline also organized an industry visit to Eternity Technologies, one of the world’s leading industrial battery companies, for the students where they were accompanied by Dr. Ramakrishna Yanamandra. They also enjoyed a Desert Safari adventure, a tour around the Global Village and the emirate of Sharjah.

The week-long boot camp was made possible through the Centre for Continuing Learning and with the efforts of CCL Assistant, Mr. Roel Pulangco.


SUC Happy Hour: Cricket Match January 2020

Skyline employees’ endurance and stamina were tested in the recent SUC Happy Hour when they enjoyed a game of cricket.  The game also provided the faculty and staff a time to relax and enjoy the afternoon. The cricket match was part of the Happy Hour, a weekly activity organized to improve camaraderie among employees and incorporate fun into the workplace.


SUC Held a Pocket MBA on AI, Fintech, and Leadership

Disruptive technology and innovations have a positive impact on society by expanding businesses and markets. To make the most of these disruptions, individuals and organizations must embrace changes rather than ignore them. Hence, in the recent Pocket MBA organized by SUC’s Centre for Continuing Learning, experts discussed various disruptive technologies to spread awareness about them and help the young generation prepare for them.

During this one-day refresher course, the Dean for the School of IT, Dr. Deepak Kalra, gave a session on Artificial Intelligence; an expert from AACCA, Ms. Alia Noor, introduced Fintech; and Mr. Nadeem Qureshi Founder & CEO Bizgrow Marketing Management, gave a talk on Conflict and Negotiation. Around 40 enthusiastic students participated in the workshop. Dr. Ajith Kumar Dean School of Business at the end gave the closing remarks and distributed the certificates to the successful participants.

SUC’s Year-Round Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer awareness should be a year-round campaign. Skyline University College continuously spread awareness about breast cancer as part of its health education advocacy. On that note, SUC faculty member, Dr. Sharon M. Dreisbach recently conducted a workshop on “Breast Cancer: "My 'Own' Responsibility to 'Educate' Myself.” The workshop, which was held at the China Mall in Umm Al Quwain in cooperation with Ms. Daisy G. Calabia of the Face Café, served to educate the participants about cancer, its causes, effects, and ways to handle it.

“We learned a lot about breast cancer, all doubts and fear are gone. We should not give up because of the word cancer,” said the participant Nora Garcia. “Don’t be afraid of cancer, it is curable,” another statement from workshop attendee Mhervz Formers. For Oliver Diego, the workshop helped him learn the “true meaning of family and the intention of our Almighty Creator for testing us in our life.”

The event was made possible with the support of The Visa Center, UNO Premier, I-Connect, Pinoy Ako Air and Sea Cargo LLC.


Eight Consulates Participated at the Skyline 4th Diplomat Cup Cricket Championship

Skyline’s 4th Diplomat Cup Cricket Championship successfully concluded with the Consulate General of India as the winner. The final was played  between Consulate General of India and Consulate General of Pakistan. The participating consulates this year were the consulates of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, USA, Afghanistan, and the new entrant, Australia.

For four consecutive years, Skyline's University  has been organizing the Diplomat Cup Cricket to bring together various Consulate General offices in the UAE for two days of entertainment, networking, and cultivating camaraderie among diplomats. The event was organized under the patronage of the Consulate General of India and served as a platform to strengthen tie-ups and showcased the spirit of sportsmanship amongst the diplomatic community of various countries in the UAE.

H.E Ahmad Amjad Ali, Consul General of Pakistan; H.E Nalinda Wijerathna, Consul General of Sri Lanka; H.E Mogobo David Magabe, Consul General of South Africa; and H.E Justin Mc Gowan, Australian Commissioner-General joined their respective teams in the game.

H.E Vipul, Consul General of India and H.E Ahmad Amjad Ali, Consul General of Pakistan, H.E Justin Mc Gowan, Australian Commissioner-General graced the awarding ceremony.

Special Awards have been given to the following players:

Best Bowler - Aqib of the Pakistan Consulate

Best Batsman - Sasikanth Sathyaseelan of the Indian Consulate

Man of the Match Final -Rajaram of the Indian Consulate

Player of the Tournament - Sasikanth Sathyaseelan of the Indian Consulate



SUC Welcomes the Spring Semester with a Desert Safari Adventure

Skyline University College embraces the new semester with renewed energy and enthusiasm evident in the recent company welcome party organized by the Human Resources Department (HDR). The faculty and staff enjoyed a desert safari adventure which includes dune bashing, camel rides, and Arabian-style dinner. They also witnessed outstanding performances during the belly dance, Tanoura, and fire show.

Over the years, SUC has been organizing a welcome party for employees at the beginning of the semester to motivate them, strengthen their camaraderie, and help them face the new semester with renewed energy and vigor.


Panelist in 6th Energy Meet of Sharjah organized by SEWA

Skyline faculty member Dr. Ramakrishna Yamanandra was a panelist during the 6th Energy Meet of Sharjah organized by SEWA on the topics of challenges faced by the energy sector and future opportunities. During the talk, Dr. Ramakrishna emphasized that there is going to be an unprecedented demand for energy in the future, which can be met by identifying alternative sources of energy by adopting the “Triple Bottom Line Approach” for long-term sustainability.

The “Energy Meet” is an event that brings together executives and entrepreneurs from the government and private sectors along with experts to address the challenges faced by the UAE as it enters a new era of energy optimization and management.