SUC’s Year-Round Breast Cancer Campaign

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Breast Cancer awareness should be a year-round campaign. Skyline University College continuously spread awareness about breast cancer as part of its health education advocacy. On that note, SUC faculty member, Dr. Sharon M. Dreisbach recently conducted a workshop on “Breast Cancer: "My 'Own' Responsibility to 'Educate' Myself.” The workshop, which was held at the China Mall in Umm Al Quwain in cooperation with Ms. Daisy G. Calabia of the Face Café, served to educate the participants about cancer, its causes, effects, and ways to handle it.

“We learned a lot about breast cancer, all doubts and fear are gone. We should not give up because of the word cancer,” said the participant Nora Garcia. “Don’t be afraid of cancer, it is curable,” another statement from workshop attendee Mhervz Formers. For Oliver Diego, the workshop helped him learn the “true meaning of family and the intention of our Almighty Creator for testing us in our life.”

The event was made possible with the support of The Visa Center, UNO Premier, I-Connect, Pinoy Ako Air and Sea Cargo LLC.


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