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SUC Startup Conclave

Skyline Startup Conclave is an initiative from Skyline University to create a platform for students to interact with startup partners, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists to learn the process and intricacies of converting new innovative business ideas into profitable startups.

The first edition of Skyline Startup Conclave was held on February 19, 2019. There was an exhibition and panel discussion with Ms. Claire Vincent and Mr. Akshay Arora as the panelists and they shared their experiences and insights with the students. They were joined by faculty members, Dr. Sakthivel A.M, Dr. Ramakrishna Yanamandra. Dr. Kakul Agha served as the panel moderator. 

This conclave will be held regularly in order to provide continuous interaction and initiative to generate and nurture entrepreneurial spirit in Skyline students. Eventually, Skyline Startup Conclave will ensure that students’ potential business ideas will become profitable startups under the Skyline umbrella.