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Skyline’s 18th Crossfire Inter-University Debate Competition

Skyline University College’s Debate Club organized the 18th Crossfire Inter-University Debate Competition on February 26, 2019, with the goal of honing the public-speaking skills of the students and developing their confidence to engage in intellectual interactions.

Ten teams from the universities from across the UAE debated on the topic of tech companies having the right to censor media content. The team from Amity University Dubai was declared the overall winner.


Amity University Dubai

Hani Jamal and Safa Mansouri 


 Best Speaker for the Motion

 1st Place - Olivia Bray, New York University, Abu Dhabi

2nd Place – Hani Jamal, Amity University, Dubai

 Best Speaker against the Motion

 1st Place - Safa Mansouri, Amity University, Dubai

2nd Place – Zeeshan Masood Nabi, Abu Dhabi University